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We Are the Dream: The Kids of the Oakland MLK Oratorical (2020)

by Amy Schatz, Diane Kolyer, Sara Rodriguez (Producers) Meditation & Movie Awakin Circle Every year in Oakland, CA, hundreds of pre-K through 12th grade students compete in the Martin Luther King Oratorical Festival, performing a mix of published and original … Continue reading

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The Spiritual and Healing Power of Dance

by Clyde Fernandes Dancing, personally I feel, is the most underrated form of spirituality. Meditative dancing, if there is such a term, can be used to transcend the boundaries of our consciousness and connect with the source. It’s well documented that Nataraja or … Continue reading

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The Oppressor and the Oppressed Must Both be Liberated

by Nelson Mandela I  always knew that deep down in every human heart, there is mercy and generosity. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must … Continue reading

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The Compassionate Species

by Dacher Keltner Charles Darwin was the beloved and engaged dad of a really rambunctious group of children. When one of his daughters died at age 10, Darwin started to have these deep insights about the place of suffering and … Continue reading

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How Many Holy Moments?

by Richard Whittaker [Here’s one of the stunning stories shared by Rachel Naomi Remen in a recent circle.] This story is about a guy who runs a large emergency room in San Francisco. Emergency room doctors are not soft and mushy. … Continue reading

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In Giving I Connect With Others

by Isabel Allende I have lived with passion and in a hurry, trying to accomplish too many things. I never had time to think about my beliefs until my 28-year-old daughter Paula fell ill. She was in a coma for … Continue reading

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Love Is Not An Emotion

by Barbara Frederickson Love, defined as micro moments of positivity resonance, may thus be the most generative and consequential of all positive emotions. By virtue of being a single state, distributed across and reverberating between two or more brains and … Continue reading

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Perdonar a tu persona / Forgive Your Persona

por A. Sánchez Ferrer [English below] El perdón sucede en la Conciencia.  Deja de intentar cambiarte, corregirte, mejorarte, comportarte como crees que se espera de ti. Tras ese intento solo se esconde la idea de que eres erróneo. La idea … Continue reading

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[Excerpt] The Urgency and The Call to Serve in Joyful Awareness

by Pancho Ramos-Stierle [Excerpt from the original post] The pandemic curve of covid-19 keeps increasing worldwide. Major cities all over the part of the Planet we call India, are now in official lockdown. And more cases of people infected with … Continue reading

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The Urgency And The Call To Serve In Joyful Awareness

Yes there is fear. Yes there is isolation. Yes there is panic buying. Yes there is sickness. Yes there is even death. But, They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise You can hear the birds again. … Continue reading

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