Lluvia del Alma/ Rain of the Soul

por Pancho Ramos-Stierle [English below]

en la noche
despierta con el aroma de los soles lejanos
mucho antes de que salpiquen
el techo de tu corazón

quítate las cobijas del saber ahora
y deja que el espíritu corra afuera descalzo
en los campos inconocibles de la Amada
ofrece una reverencia

y antes de que la piel de la mente
pueda sentir la primera gota
la renuencia mojada de la belleza
salpica tu corazónmente
con luces incansables
que nunca se rinden sino que entretejen

amo las estrellas y sus lluvias
cuando besan los ojos
plantan su fragancia en la corazón-mente

lo que te haga amplio el corazón
lo que te ilumine el rostro

si, si bajas la mirada
hay un suelo que nos separa y nos hace diferentes
sigue levantando la mirada
y ve como el cielo nos une y nos asemeja

entonces la Tierra, su humedad, resplandor y vibración
emerge como nuestro amado hogar, sonrisa y celebración
siente la fuerza que nos une
te enamoras con la fuente
sigue siendo testigo dentro y afuera
y ofrece oraciones atrevidas, poemas vírgenes y canciones de amor
a esta inalcanzable
lluvia luminosa del alma

y deja ¡que llueva! ¡que llueva! ¡que llueva!


Rain of the Soul
at night
wake to the scent of distant stars
long before they splatter
the roof of your heart

throw off the blankets of knowing now
and let the spirit run outside barefoot
into the unknowable fields of the Beloved bow

and before the mind’s skin could even feel the first drop
the wet reluctance of beauty
splashes your heartmind
with untiring lights
that never give up but bind

am in-love with the stars and their rain
when she kisses the eyes
plants her fragrance in the heartmind

what makes your heart wide
what makes your face shine

yes, looking down
there’s ground that separates us and makes us different
keep looking up
and see the sky that unites us and makes us the same

then the Earth her moist, radiance and vibration
emerges as our beloved home, smile and celebration
feel the unifying force
falling in-love with the source
keep witnessing in and out
and offer wild prayers, raw poems and love songs
to this unfathomable
luminous rain of the soul

and let it rain! rain! rain!

Follow Pancho’s present Pilgrimage at  https://earthfamilia.org/  with a purpose to dissolve borders (physical, intellectual, cultural, among many others) and to plant seeds of oneness in our planet/communities.  You too can participate: click here to support this pilgrimage


About awakinOAK

Intentionally located in east Oakland -- to, on the one hand, overcome institutionalized violence and on the other hand, be showered by the multicultural love and wisdom from neighbors-- this small community strives for integral nonviolence and supports activities that foster fearlessness, courage, autonomy, unconditional love and compassion for all beings. Every Friday for the last 10 years, the anchors of Awakin Oakland, host "Wednesdays on Fridays", an open-house meditation night that was inspired by a family in Santa Clara who has been doing this for close to 23 years [2020] No teachers or gurus. No set agendas or proposed beliefs either. Just one strong principle -- when you change within, the world changes
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