10 Minutes In Lotus

[I’ve been taking folks from where they were released to the refugee shelters in la Divina Providencia en el Cañón del Alacrán. If our intention, as servers of the Universal Love, is to facilitate our collective healing, there’s no reason to not bring them from the concentration camp-like conditions directly to the beach and ocean. Sometimes there are ways beyond words in which Nature heals us.]

Today I was driving a van to pick up ~60 refugees –in 3 trips–coming out of the CBP detention center, also known as the Border Patrol prison in the part of the Planet we call the U.S.. They have been flown from Texas to the San Diego-Tijuana region, and sometimes as they arrived to California, they have not had drinkable water in 3 days! Unbelievable cruelty… When i first meet these children, they have a lost and sad gaze, an unexplainable wound unfathomable for their tender heartmind –impossible to explain to them the reason why they and their parents have been abused in such inhumane ways.

It is then when, as soon as the beach starts to massage and tickle their soles; and when the grains of sand begin to play with their toes; and when the waves greet them in a playful way; and when the ocean’s breeze purifies their lungs and bloodstream from the empire’s toxicity; and when the sunlight injects vitality in them… all of a sudden their entire being, their shining eyes come back.

From there I take them to the shelter and sometimes kids are very curious about meditation and cleaning our brains. This kid started with 5 minutes sitting in full lotus as he focused his attention on his breath, in such a natural way – he made it look easy. And he attracted two more children, these two girls, and then we all did 10 min of meditation!

They enjoyed it and now we have the meditation bell game they love very much.

Some of these kids who have been mistreated with no drinkable water are the same ones now tasting the freshness of the river of equanimity and its currents of deep peace… What kind of seeds do we want to plant and water in our youth? ☯️🕉️☮️

I trust that in a humble way, our collective ripples can spread far and wide so that we can foster the joy, peace of heartmind, and the sense of belonging that these and all children of the Earth deserve. Jai Jagat – I bow to all living beings of this Earth!


and latest pictures from Pancho posted by Vishesh here 🙂


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To live in radical joyous shared servanthood to unify the Earth family.
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