Subtle Satyagraha Of Pancho’s Pilgrimage

by Dustin Harber

It has been a privilege to have been a small part of Pancho’s walking pilgrimage to the Mexico border, that John Malloy says is something that will be remembered for generations to come.

Lots of people are responding to his “One Earth Family” vision in person, and also online. Here was a note he received recently:

I bow, I bow, I bow to the walkers. Although I am not with you in the physical, I will share the subtle activism I do while doing eft tapping, as a surrogate/advocate for incarcerated children: Even though I have been treated like a criminal and an animal, I deeply and completely love, honor, and respect myself.

All this fear and hatred. All this despair and hopelessness. This terror and powerlessness.

This nightmare. This grief.

(Repeat while continuing to tap as many times as necessary to feel these energies begin to dissipate.)

I choose to let go of any and all beliefs that I somehow deserve this.

I choose to let go any doubt about my goodness, my truth, and my connection to God.

Even though I do not understand the hatred and fear or greed that causes someone to treat fellow humans, especially children in such damaging ways, I understand it is wrong.

I choose to focus my thoughts and inner power with those who are working to free us and those who are praying for our freedom, support, and healing. I pray with the many who pray for us to have a safe and welcoming home. I pray with all who pray for our family reunions.

I choose to be a force of love and healing for myself and all who suffer with me. I tap-in courage. I tap-in hope. I tap-in the knowing I am connected to all beings everywhere. We are one.

And here was a part of Pancho’s response:

Thank you, dear Sister, for your beautiful intention to spread more kindness and that force of love in this glorious Earth!

When elder Arun dada — a Gandhian elder who served with Vinoba Bhave — joined us briefly during the early weeks of the walk, he told us that if our intentions for doing satyagraha (disobeying with Great Love) are not turning into the fruits of harmony right away, we need make our satyagraha subtler. And if that doesn’t work, make it subtler still.

Today is day 91 of the pilgrimage. By and large, I’ve received a vast and overwhelmingly positive response from people. We all want to see ourselves belonging to a larger community than ourselves, and the photo of the Earth is huge instrument to bring back to awareness our collective agreement that we all belong in this precious Planet. In cases where this intention isn’t fully conscious in someone, a gentle satygraha has proven to do wonders.

Yesterday, as I was walking through La Jolla, a couple of brothers who were having lunch at one of those fancy restaurants with tables on the sidewalk, wanted to engage in an ideological fight with me as soon as I walked through with the big Earth flag.

With a pungent and almost mocking tone, one of the less friendly of them said “Hey, what is this all about?” That attracted the attention of the rest of the patrons in the restaurant.

On Mondays, for many years now, I practice silence. So I coudln’t respond with verbal words, and I just showed the homepage of website with the cellphone that reads: “One Earth Family”. I noticed that despite the alcohol in their table, the nervous system of his friend got a little bit more relaxed, but not his. He angrily launched: “What if I own the Planet? I can do what ever I want with it and get the next one!”

Gently, I handed a note I use on silent Mondays to his friend: “On Mondays, I practice silence, but I’d like you to hear that I love you! :-)”

That friend softened his gaze, switched into a mode of reverence, and with a smile on his face, said, “Thank you! That is a great practice. Bless you man!”, as he passed the note to his more agitated friend. As he read the note, in addition to the blessing of his friend, he had a sudden change of energy, as if a switch was flipped, and said, “Yes, God bless you!”

And he gently handed me back the piece of paper.

All the three of us were in full smiles nodded to each other, as I made my way past the tables to the sidewalk as if I were surfing a wave of kinship taking me to the shore of the next pod. Some kids with sparkly, curious and wondorous eyes awaited.

Subtle energy, silence, prayers and blessings are powerful ways to keep building living bridges among ourselves.

Proudly undocumented and unafraid,

Walking towards One Earth Family,

Your Brother Pancho

About pancho

To live in radical joyous shared servanthood to unify the Earth family.
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