Give me the Desert

–by Lyla June Johnston  (Dec 2, 2016)


I am a child of the desert.
Every drop of rain is carefully counted.
Every corn seed is honored and saved.
We are colored by the sun
And shaped by the wind.
The world is a dream you never lose.
Time is counted in lessons,
Not seconds.
The first time you learned to tie your tsiiyeeł.
The first time you learned to love your enemies.
The first time you learned to build fire.
The first time you learned to be kind.
Mountain mix rolled in corn husks gives birth to smoke prayers curling up into the moonlit sky.
A hundred lives lived in this sun-kissed sandy skin.
Like a lizard I bask in the noon’s dry beams.
Like a rock in the wash I am enlivened by the summer monsoon.
Give me no rainforest.
Give me no island.
Give me no tundra.
Give me no ozark and
Give me no everglade.
Give me the desert
And I will be satisfied.
Every drop of rain counted.
Every corn seed honored and saved.
Every wildflower blossom earned by hard work, and faith, and the mercy of the rain.

Lyla June Johnston. For more please visit Sodizin.   [Illustration offered as an anonymous gift :-)]

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