Remember Impatient One, The Gentleness Of Time

–by John Trudell  (Sep 22, 2016)

grandmother_moonI was listening to the voices of life
chanting in unison
carry on the struggle
the generations surge together
in resistance
to meet the reality of power

Mother Earth embraces her children
in natural beauty to last beyond
oppressors brutality
as the butterfly floats into life
we are the spirit of natural life
which is forever

the power of understanding
real connections to spirit
is meaning our resistance our struggle
is not sacrifice lost
it is natural energy
properly used

one time
i was visiting with my relatives
the clouds the mountains the sky
the trees
my relatives touched my spirit
nudged it lovingly
listen to us impatient one
we are forever
you must remember the gentleness of time
you are struggling to be who you are
you say you want to learn the old ways
struggling to learn
when all you must do is remember
remember the people
remember sky and earth
remember the people
have always struggled to live
in harmony in peace

struggle against selfishness and
weakness so the people may live
as nations
the old ways are hard
the people people have always had
to work together
remember impatient one
remember and live
do not be afraid of truth
respect discipline
share your life so the people may live
honor sky and earth
honor yourself
honor your relations
remember impatient one
the gentleness of time

Grandmother Moon

you are more than light in the night
you are more than the moon
you are spirit connection
your energy is our life
you are memories to generations past
you are the creator of sensations
that will always last
you are the knowledge the teacher
the influence to keep the people sane
you are a healer of spirit pain

Grandmother Moon
we love you
and we are angry
at the invaders who trash you
and violate our Universe with
their mechanical uncleanliness
we pray for you for us and for the
invader who just can’t comprehend
respect love or the balance of life
we do not join the invading madness
from the way they act
it speaks of spirit sadness
machine money progress is the
cause of our common abuse

we see you Grandmother
we feel you
we love you
we know through your reality
we will endure
we are one
we pray for you
we pray to you

grandfathers whispering in the wind
rejoice at the life you are a part of
natural energy bound to natural laws
you will survive this
temporary madness imposed upon you
natural life is longer
than oppressors
illusionary insanity
spirits experience human deeds
but need not end
this is just one place of changes

spirit life is forever if you want
the Universe is your home
you can survive here
do not let them kill you
keep your spirit strong
for distant stars and distant drums
are the memories of spirit infancy
children of Earth let the spirit live
so you can grow in your place
in the universe

–John Trudell. Spoken word poem extracted from the movie about his life. [Illustration offered as an anonymous gift :-)]


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To live in radical joyous shared servanthood to unify the Earth family.
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