The World’s Unwhispered Beauty

by Bernadette Miller (Nov 06, 2014)

The World’s Unwhispered Beauty

MundoWhat would you do
if you really knew
that life was wanting
to sing through you?
What would you say
if your words could convey
prayers that the world
was wanting to pray?
What would you be
if your being could free
some piece of the world’s
unwhispered beauty?
What would you stop
to bless and caress
if you believe that blessing could address
our painful illusions of brokeness?
What would you harvest
from heart-aching pains  
if you understood loss as a way to regain
the never forsaken terrain
of belonging?
What would you love
if your love could ignite
a sea full of stars
on the darkest night?


What Forest Knows

If you would know what the forest knows
ask the departed.

For every life,
lost to itself,
becomes the unfolding.

If you would know what the forest knows
enter its hidden falls—
there each droplet,
returns to the deep.

If you would know what the forest knows
drink the cadences of its silence
until they echo in your song.

Then in the sweetness of blackberries
you might find yourself

Let the forest shape you
as if you belonged to its dreams
for you were always
an instrument
in the hands
of this celebration.


The Dream We Stand Inside

May you find divinity
in each being that you see;
in the whole society;
in the person you call me;
in ants and in bumblebees;
in pines and in other trees;
in the hungry morning breeze;
in the rough loquacious seas.

May the lively morning light
linger long within your sight.
May the broad wings of delight
give your song the gift of flight.

May the stream’s strength flow through you,
may the star’s silence sing you,
may the prairie’s peace hold you,
may the Earth’s arms enfold you.

May your dreams grow just as wide
as the dream we stand inside.
When the shell of you has died
may the love you are abide.

–Bernadette Miller. [Illustration offered as an anonymous gift :-)]

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To live in radical joyous shared servanthood to unify the Earth family.
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