A New Willingness For Truth and Solidarity

by Sabine Lichtenfels (Aug 14, 2014)

Global-PeaceWe need new centers and communities in which the knowledge and wisdom of peace and love can be learned. A person who educates herself in global peace work needs to understand how much our lives have been a bulwark against the truth. You must be willing to recognize and accept the truth. You must be prepared to reduce your inner walls to experience human compassion for yourself, pure and without pretense, for the first time. In order to understand the atrocities performed daily, in the name of globalization, to people, animals and the Earth, most people –from the West– would need to first visit a crisis area. Only then might this person might really begin to understand for themselves the connections between environmental crisis and inner crisis. And they must want to know the truth. If that is given, (s)he may move into the world, to the place where they can do their job best.

This pilgrimage will not remain a single action. It could be the beginning of a global movement for peace. We can stop the war! The peace movement can stop wars, when it is clever, strategic, numerous and acts determined. Let us stop following the hypnosis of resignation, powerlessness and disappointment. I believe we can do it if there are determined people worldwide who do nothing else from now on for a year, as we stand up unconditionally for peace. The revolution in the exterior must be accompanied by a conscious revolution from within, without which there can hardly be a true victory. Many people now know that life on Earth can only be saved if humanity undergoes a transformation by pulling together a new intelligence and a new willingness for truth and solidarity. Something must be done, something that goes deeper and is more comprehensive than all previous revolutions. A global revolution that no longer fights mainly against existing systems, but is combined with a force of a higher order, is in the air: this is the revolution of love. It all depends on the creation of living conditions in which love can develop permanently. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.


–Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of the Tamera community [Illustration offered as an anonymous gift :-)]




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