To Be More or To Have More?

–by Oscar Romero  (Aug 23, 2013)


A civilization of love
   that did not demand justice of people
would not be a true civilization:
   it would not delineate genuine human relations
It is a caricature of love to try to cover over
   with alms what is lacking in justice,
to patch over with an appearance of benevolence
   when social justice is missing.
True love begins by demanding what is just
   in the relations of those who love.[…]

I call on all of you,
   makers of families,
   builders of homes:
Let each family in the Earth not be a hindrance
   to the urgent changes that society needs.
Let no family isolate itself from society as a whole
   because it is well off.
No one marries just so the two of them can be happy
   marriage has a great social function.
It must be the torch that lights up the way
   to new liberation for other marriages around it.
From the home must come the man or woman
   able to promote the changes needed
   in politics, in society, in the ways of justice:
changes that will not come about
   as long as home life opposes them.

But it will be so easy once boys and girls are trained
   in the heart of each family to aspire
not to have more
   but to be more,
not to grab everything
   but to give abundantly to others.
They must be educated for love.

Let us not tire of denouncing the idolatry of wealth,
   which makes human greatness consist in having
and forgets that true greatness is being.

One’s value is not in what one has,
   but in what one is.

Loving is what the family is all about,
and loving means giving oneself,
   surrendering oneself to the well-being of all
and working for the common happiness.

–Oscar Romero in The Violence of Love.



About Pancho

To live in radical joyous shared servanthood to unify humanity.
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