To All Heart Warriors…

by Georgia Simone (Apr 19, 2013)  

Girl-Painting_Life_is_ArtThe truth is, your heart is already and always free.

The truth is, that as you rest your attention more and more into the love that you are, prior to all thoughts, emotions, and sensations – the more this love seems to grow.

It was here all along, but your attention was elsewhere.

And as your attention dwells more and more in this love-filled awareness, you discover that freedom was always here.

The painful emotion, the negative thought, the unwanted sensation – all arise within this. When your attention is caught up with the stories in your mind or your experience out there, you fail to notice this awareness – the peaceful stillness – in which they arise.

Emotional contraction feels like your heart has closed, and pain feels like heart-break. But when you rest attention in awareness – in the heart, an effortless acceptance arises.

What seemed unbearable is now free to dance. What seemed closed is free to open. And what seemed contracted is free to expand.

Everything is welcome here. Love sees no strangers. Your heart turns nothing away.

This is your true nature. This is meditation. The silence of the heart. […]

To all truth seekers, heart warriors, and path forgers – I have a wish:

I do not wish for utopia, where anger and grief have no place
I wish for human suffering to be embraced in the arms of love
So that we may taste peace once again
I do not wish only to be happy
I wish to embrace all my pain
So that I may find freedom, even in the midst of it
I do not wish for perfection
I wish to see through the eyes of love
So that I may welcome even that which repels me
I do not wish for everything I desire
I wish for inner fulfillment
So I no longer seek temporary satisfaction
I do not wish to like everyone
I wish to cultivate compassion and understanding
So that I may live in peace with the people I encounter
I do not wish that everybody loves me,
I wish for people to see through our differences,
To find the deeper place, where we are all the same
And I do not wish for world peace,
I wish for people to make peace with themselves
So that a peaceful way of being can transform our world.

In turning within you serve humanity. In serving humanity you serve love. Love is who you are. You are love, you are love, you are love. ♥

–Georgia Simone in Don’t Liberate Your Heart and the Love Manifesto.


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To live in radical joyous shared servanthood to unify humanity.
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