Entering the Silence

–by Anne Bancrof  (May 25, 2012)

The Stone was held enclosed in the hands. When it became warm and a pulsing was felt, this shut out the outside world and permitted the Senecas to listen for the silence within. As a result, they became calm, the heart beat slower and the breathing became deeper as they blended with the flow of the intuitive stream. This stream appeared different to each individual. Sometimes it was seen as colour, sometimes as a cloud, sometimes nothing was seen at all but was felt. To reach the state of the intuitive-self was to feel free of the physical body. […]

The Senecas believed that during silent communication, the physical body underwent stages of healing and upliftment. The feeling of well-being and self-understanding became the reward for Entering into the Silence. Being at peace with oneself and in harmony with the surroundings fortified each succeeding experience.

I listen and hear the silence
I listen and see the silence
I listen and taste the silence
I listen and smell the silence
I listen and embrace the silence.
Language of the Trees

Entering in the Silence, she says, must be because of a genuine wish. The worst experience can be that of fear and almost every obstacle carries a trace of fear. Fear when looked upon as a blessing, however, can heal the hurt and set the mind free to take positive action. […]

The feeling of comfort is reflected in our breathing. The steady beat of our heart measures the flow of energy we emit everything in out surroundings is sensing its own energy. There is harmony in their breathing. When we breathe with the harmony, we can feel our comfort.

–by Anne Bancrof  Twylah Nitch, from Weavers of Wisdom: Women Mystics of the Tewntieth Century [Creative comic above from Dharma Comics :-)]


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