Moved by Love

–by Vinoba Bhave (Feb 17, 2012)

I am a man who belongs to another world than this, one that may seem very strange. For I claim that I am moved by love, that I feel it all the time. I do not deal in opinions, but only in thought, in which there can be give and take. Thought is not walled in or tied down, it can be shared with people of goodwill; we can take their ideas and offer them ours, and in this way thought grows and spreads. This has always been my experience, and therefore I do not accept any kind of label for myself.

There is nothing more powerful as love and thought — no institution, no government, no ‘ism’, no scripture, no weapon. I hold that these, love and thought, are the only sources of power. You should not expect me therefore to have any fixed opinions, only ideas. I am a man who changes every moment.

I am just one individual; I wear no label, I am not a member of any institution, I have nothing to do with political parties. I do however keep in affectionate contact with the organizations for constructive work. I was born a Brahmin but I have cut myself off my caste. Some people call me a Hindu, but I have made such a repeated study of the Koran and the Bible that my Hinduism has been washed off. People like what I have to say because my work is rooted in compassion, love and thought. I have ideas, but no permanently settled views.

I once saw a portrait of Louis Pasteur, and below it these words: “I do not want to know what your religion or your views, but only what your troubles are. I want to help you to get rid of them.” Those who do that are discharging their duty as human beings and that’s what I’m trying to do.

— Vinoba Bhave [excerpt from Moved by Love. Passage picked from ijourney]


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