The Law of Nature

–by Phillip Deere (Dec 30, 2011)

We are the Original People of the Western Hemisphere, people who have been on this part of the world for thousands and thousands of years. No human has ever set the time and ever set the [exact] date of how we originated in this part of the world. Our history dates back according to our traditions to the beginning of time. At the beginning of time, at the time of Creation, also our people came about. We had no teachers, we had no instructors, we had no schools. We had to study Nature. And we had to copy off of Nature. Our entire civilization was built upon the study of Nature. They became our instructors in the beginning of times. Our religion was found at this time. Our way of life we founded through that type of study. So we organized our governments under the study of Nature. We lived under an unchanging government, a traditional government of our ancestors. […]

A government that is thousands of years old is what we lived by. That law was workable for us. We lived by understood laws. Today all over our country historians, anthropology people, have dug up the Earth to find the history of the Western hemisphere. But they have not found any jail house. They have not found any prisons. They have not found any insane asylums. How did different nations of people speaking so many different languages live without those institutions? […]

We still lood at Nature and watch how they grow little ones. We find the ducks, we find the geese still yet living with that thousand-year old government. The animals, they still continue to follow that government that was given to them at the beginning of time to all living things. The intire Creation still follows those Instructions of Life. The tree, the fruits, they never fail. They never make a mistake to bring their fruits in their season. The animals never make a mistake. They still live as they were created. Among the Creation, what are our Instructions of Life? We see the Creation . . . Life, the circle, a measurement with no beginning and no ending.

–Phillip Deere in “Native Wisdom” [Native American Elder who belonged to the Muskogee/Creek tribe, 1977]


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