Poetry is the Science of the Soul

  1. Between Zero and ONE
  2. The Glorious Kiss
  3. What’s her name?
  4. Uprising of Souls
  5. Would you like to WALK with an Angel?
  6. 1Music2Unify and the TREEvolution (2008)
  7. Fearless Service
  8. The Inner Revolution
  9. Awakened Flight
  10. Love and Life: The Quintessential Symbiosis
  11. The Generous Photon
  12. The Illegal Lover / Amante Ilegal
  13. About Radical Love
  14. Awake, Arise and Act
  15. Again
  16. Elizabeth Snowing
  17. The True Red Pencil
  18. A Butterfly Living on the Moon
  19. The Eternal Cloth
  20. Liberated Ride
  21. Restoring Timing
  22. Drinking Tea with the Catcher of Stars
  23. Grateful for the Clouds
  24. The Poetry of Shining Eyes
  25. Nonviolent Roses
  26. Familiar Warmth at the Redwood Cathedral
  27. In an Instant Time is Eternity
  28. The Symphony of the Spiderwebs
  29. The Loop Resolution
  30. The Bottom-Up Tree
  31. Become a Star of Love
  32. The Abode
  33. Accepting the Heritage
  34. Supernova of Love
  35. The Rediscovery
  36. Permeable
  37. Numberless Poetesses & Poets
  38. Whose Heart?
  39. The Unmanifested Heart
  40. Shadow of a Binary Star
  41. Bells Within Bells
  42. Life and Death of a Verse
  43. Service Space
  44. Metta-morphosis
  45. Infinite Vision
  46. Ancient But Fresh
  47. Indescribable
  48. Still Indescribable
  49. Reconocimiento Celestial
  50. Gotas de Luz en el Mar del Cielo
  51. Bálsamo de Luz
  52. Earth
  53. Inextinguishable Fire
  54. Free Without Formality
  55. Disobey With Great Love
  56. Learning
  57. AUMUA
  58. El Corazón Palíndrome
  59. Rendirse
  60. Relation(Ship) To Sail in-Love
  61. The Unfathomable ManzanITA
  62. A Little Bit
  63. Few Haiku
  64. A Canticle Farm…
  65. Drink It All
  66. Nahui Ollin (Cosmic Movement)
  67. Being the Luminous Heart
  68. Being Like We-Inter / Inviernamente Liberad@s
  69. Divine Archer
  70. Yesness
  71. Rain of the Soul / Lluvia del Alma
  72. River of Stars
  73. Don’t Spoil The Moment
  74. Pilgrim in the Open Shore / Peregrinando en la Costa Abierta
  75. Las Primeras 3 Décimas a las 3 am
  76. A Himalayan Encounter
  77. Encuentro Himalayo
  78. Adiós y Bienvenido Borreguito

Between Zero and ONE
I’m busy finding the infinite ways that I love you,
and if you listen carefully to the Milky Way,
you will hear, my angel, that she is busy loving you too.

I want you, my dear, to conceive the largest number your mind is capable of imagining…

How many cells have been nourished as units of life for humanity to exist?
How many minutes in silence have the still-minds of all the planet’s satyagrahis spent to continue the kindness revolution?
How many leaves have been kissed by the Sun?
How many molecules of air have been dancing in the atmosphere?
How many droplets of water have been flowing freely on the skin of the Earth?
How many worlds and stars and galaxies had stood over you all night keeping watch?
How many photons live inside the body of the Cosmos?
How many shining eyes are there in all the children of Nature?

If you listen carefully to the Milky Way,
you will hear, my angel, that she is busy loving you too, with all her stars as ONE;
she is busy loving you with each spark of life;
she is busy loving you and loving me and loving every single being that has ever inhabited this world;
she is busy loving us with a unified impermanent breath and with her intoxicating scent of oneness.

Then the multiverse of universes counts without counting and resets my soul,
because reducing ourselves to Zero is where we all converge to start again.

This is how we are still busy finding the infinite ways that we love you,
between Zero and ONE.

The Glorious Kiss

Wait patiently, My Angel,
sitting still at the edge of the non-observable universe.
Then, escaping from polarity, injustice, duality and gravity,
my action will travel at the speed of Love,
among black egos and supermassive fears.

Wait in complete trust, Beloved One,
in the field of supreme awareness and courage.
Then, the most tender kiss, the cosmic
will kiss your soul and embrace your heart.

Feel the soft lips, Divine One, of our kind insurgent stars,
our supreme source of freedom and light,
the magnificent delight,
that comes from tasting the oneness nectar of life.

What’s her name?

Only when her loving eyes pierce you to the bone of your fearlessness;
only when her kindness invites you a tea of reflection;
only when her irresistible smile illuminates the Himalayas of your potential;
only when her solitude meets the sunlight of your soul;
only when her refreshing waters quench the thirst of your boredom;
only when her powerful presence encourages your abundance in the garden of life;
only when her generous service sweeps away your ego from the floor of justice;
only when her celestial silence attracts the hummingbird of your innate beauty;
only when her gracious walk resonates with the lights, and shadows and colors of the branches and leaves of your creativity;
only when her soft arms of Bay hug and embrace the Ocean of your being;
only when her divine goodbyes kiss the welcomes of your stillness.
Only then, you will know her name.
Her name is Freedom.

Uprising of Souls

You are our revolution who started in the wombs of our mothers.
The communion of colorful-fresh-local-organic acts of kindness
reflected in an historic sunset,
a landscape of the conjunction of Venus, the Moon and Justice,
a celestial date that inspires lovers, poets and rebels,
who count the mix of emancipated photons as ONE, with each subversive kiss…
with every kiss of every lover of all the lovers that have ever lived.

Once the land and freedom have called you with a: ¡Ya Basta!
your heart, Beautiful One, can no longer live without real love,
because how do we sell the land that people walk upon?
How do we sell the precious liquid compound that keeps us alive?
How do we sell the air?
How do we sell our Mother?
How do we sell the Sun?
How do we sell the Moon?
How do we sell the stars?

Your joyous God will give all as a gift with no strings attached.
Even the engagement rings of Saturn
with their astonishingly beauty,
worn on your community fingers,
as a cooperative, locally rooted, self-organized movement marriage.

That’s your true nature.
The independence you have been waiting for…
and the Galaxy has laid her ancient love at your feet
to witness, in service and solidarity,
the courageous mass awakening of the peoples
living on the pale blue diamond.

The blazing upraising of souls
seeking for the beautiful warmth
of your heart’s fire.

Would you like to WALK with an Angel?

It is your force born of truth and love.
You come from silence, and you speak your truth.
You cannot be quieted, because your voice is within everyone.
What I experience and seek is glorious
beyond compare, something far beyond anybody’s capacity
to render into thoughts and words.

The overcast of the soul
an Angel converts
into a shinny present moment.
It is incredible that you, My Angel, cleared the sky of injustice
and the joyous forest of my heart was happy to feel
your gentle but firm freedom sunlight steps
on the fertile ground of fearlessness.

And I heard millions of tears of joy, falling from above,
I smelled a symphony of inspiration,
in a feast of redwoods witnessing our awakening
while telling us that life is a Cosmic intervention in every detail.
Then the resistance gardens of my lungs
were filled with the oxygen of courage and compassion.

What is more full of life?
The after-rain in the green dense growth of trees,
another Universe’s party sharing the surplus, or
the alive Amazon in your kind eyes,
and the droplets of hope hanging for just one more second
onto the beautiful flowers and leafs and dreams
for they never give up what they believe in?

And even a dying bush is a miracle
seen by the light of your forgiving eyes,
those drops of satyagraha defying the authority of the gravity of poverty…
millions of mirrors hanging in there, alive, with their transparency,
in a revolution of beauty and generosity,
reflecting your face in every direction.

The equanimity of generations of thirsty citizen ferns
who have patiently waited for the rain of justice
and have learnt the lesson of billions of years of cooperation
while observing competitive aggressive species
coming and going.

The soft fresh carpet of colorful green mosses
capturing the awe of our moistening evolution,
kissing the trunk of a graceful Ahimsa oak
in the winter of scarcity.

Then the roaring of the wind and a choir of crisis
intimidating for its invitation to fly above the crumbling structures…
a majestic concert of percussions of molecules
knocking the resistance drums of our skin
embracing our two times 30 trillion cells…
and we stop WALKing and pretend that we fly with open arms
and then the wise red tail hawk shows us the way:
unperturbed by the currents of change,
sees the clouds passing by in stillness, flying in stillness,
sharing the secret of how the divine reveals to life.

My Dear you say it is just the flow of life
and I only surrender to the Angel of My Angel.
because there is no way I can get lost,
there is no way I can fall,
with your love as support
in this impermanent World.

Because the beauty lies
in the realization that
when we WALK with an angel,
you will fly in stillness
within the Cosmos of your being,
and you will loose all notions of boundaries
to join the timeless universality of our Clear Light.

Nothing in the Universe can prevent the collapse
of the luminous star before a supernova,
as my love for you, and for humanity, My Angel,
is unstoppable.

WALK with an Angel and feel the radiation of the explosion of the New Renaissance;
WALK with an Angel and create the building blocks of community;
WALK with an Angel and let our own light shine;
WALK with an Angel and feel how we are liberated from our own fear;
WALK with an Angel and witness how our presence automatically liberates others;
WALK with an Angel and understand that we are not leaderless but leader-full.

Your Angel awaits in the mantram of your breath,
and in between your inhale and exhale,
I will join you in our Cosmic celebration.

Please WALK with your Angel, Our Angel, and fly with us.

1Music2Unify and the TREEvolution (2008*)

You just awakened the poet and rapper in me,
the soul-force and satyagraha said Gandhiji

The longest night
gives way to the stronger lights
so that I prolong this fight
to what’s wrong it’s right.

‘cuz the Universe is a communion of subjects
not a collection of objects.
Be the change and feel life’s interconnectedness
while weaving solidarity, truth and kindness.

We are planetizing the movement
with every action, in every moment,
with the peoples of the Earth,
and every revolutionaries’ breath,
with the emancipated borders,
with the courage of the warriors and the passion of the lovers.

And Mohandas awoke, and Cesar fasted, and Rosa sat, and Martin walked, and Barack* ran and Yes! We can!

And this is our core, our strength and unity:
to evolve from consumerism to community,
and it’s not new, it’s as ancient as Astronomy
Do you feel me bro? It’s just the old gift-economy! 😉

Fearless Service

Be kind to your sleeping heart,
take it out to the vast fields of light
and let it breathe.
I used to have an armor
around my spirit
and then I learnt
that clad in the panoply of love
human hatred cannot reach you.

Now the Universe is hiding again in my heart
and I cannot cease to celebrate.

Bring the face of your Beloved before you
as I do when I see your face
in the sky of your dancing joy.
Then you put your lips on my lips
and lit another holy lamp inside my heart.

It is ecstasy to discover
that your unbearable Divine Light,
My Angel, is inside of me too.
I don’t know more than you do,
because I am your other you
and you are my other I,
the balanced Cosmic Communion of WE,
in service for all.

The Inner Revolution

After a deep meditation,
I felt the sweet breath of Mahatmaji,
surrounding me…

He wiped the cold tear in my cheek
and he whispered his advise in my ear:
“In the middle of a warm hug
and her gorgeous smile,
tell her: I love you, I forgive you, I bless you,
I’m still committed to you
and, I trust you and your true-self”.

As I was delivering the message to My Life,
his astronomical magic appeared
and never left my stronger heart in bliss
because each heartbeat is the softest kiss.

Awakened Flight

It is our responsibility to try to persuade our people to not walk over the cliff.
If we fail to show them the different paths of light to change their belief,
it is also our responsibility to construct, for all,
a net of kindness, love and compassion for their fall.

Love and Life: The Quintessential Symbiosis

Our star, blind is
to the beauty of Earth without sunlight
and futile are the attempts of life
to survive without these unconditional love rays.

…the radiant glorious Full Moon
is just a fierce mirror of the source of life;
and the humble New Moon
loves the right time for action to eclipse your heart…

in between thoughts;
in between the sighs of the photons of love;
your presence, my dear, immersed when exhale becomes inhale…
that’s when we know that the best revenge is forgiveness
when in the silent-passionate-song of the spirit
we understand that the exquisite rhapsody of souls
converge in the infinite silence
where we are not “we” but ONE.

This deep silence, a serenade to the soul,
as shivers tingled down the length
of the essence of my essence
and your music, Beloved One,
transcend senses and generations,
because our uncovered Self is clearly infinite
in the great and in the small.
That’s the everlasting changeless nature of impermanence:
the wellspring of life.

How can I love life so intensely without grasping it at the heart?
How can I make truth real without living it at thought, word and action?
How can I serve all life without feeling inseparable from the Universe?
How can life manifest without your sunlight?
How can life be brought to clear focus without the awareness of death?
How can truth be transmitted without touching one another’s soul?

Who would not welcome us, my angel, when our heart is filled with nothing but love?

Love and Life,
as the non fragmented existence of our collective being,
as a fractal of compassion, courage and wisdom,
is the Quintessential Symbiosis.

The Generous Photon

How do you thank the persistent photon whose 150-million-kilometer pilgrimage,
in the middle of the winter,
ended up in your skin with a warm kiss?

Or the historic ones who traveled 5 times that distance and more,
during the obscurantism show,
to illuminate those glorious moons
that brought Humanity’s Renaissance four centuries ago?

Have you ever welcomed, with the windows of your soul,
those pieces of light who have bounced off from the rings of Saturn?
What did you say? What did you feel? What is your almighty role?

Have you assimilated, my angel,
that letter of love from the Universe
describing a brave photon from Andromeda,
who left his home in a poetic verse,
2.5 million years ago,
and traveled for trillions of dark miles
with the only purpose
to greet your fascinating eyes
immersed in astonishment with the Magnificent Divine?

Thus, Beloved One, your millions of tenacious photons of love and courage
permeate every corner of this planet.
It is their unstoppable loadstone task,
to reach your charming beating magnet,
and more sooner than later, those photons of The Great Turning
will merge with your servant heart, my darling.

Even if it is just one, wouldn’t you be grateful?

The existence of a photon satyagrahi,
dispel darkness and brings light.
She says to my ear:
“Light is my nature… what else but light could there be in me?”
For she to be, means to shine.
Giving light is natural for a star. So what’s your star my dear?

Then is when I realized that a photon lives in community too.
Individual photons, from the same source, become ONE wave, not we, not two.
A quantum mystery for your continuous divine path.

It is our collective co-creation of magical light,
a chain of generous photons
moving in stillness at the speed of love
producing smiles

The illegal lover

The Moon shines in my body
and so is the Sun and the planets and the stars and the galaxies.
The beautiful light of eternity is within me
but my blind eyes cannot see it.

Then I decided to become your lover…

My love for you, my angel, is written in the history of time
and I need no papers to show it.
My home is everywhere I go, including your heart,
and I need no permission to stay in this part of the planet,
because I adore you.

Bureaucrazy asked for a green card
but I only have a red heart
saying your name, Beloved One, in every heartbeat.

And you might build prisons, and borders and walls
but how does the air know the difference?
How do the stars stop shining in the side of your country?
How do the currents in the Oceans stop flowing in between imaginary lines?
How do the magical meteor showers discriminate the non-real divisions below?
How does the Earth pass customs to enter into the SOULar System?
How does the Moon can be chased by “la migra”?
How does the Milky Way get deported from the night sky?
How does the Sun show her passport?
How do the undocumented clouds are blocked from flying to your town?
How do you know the nationality of the oxygen molecules visiting your lungs?

How does the fierce hurricane of my love can be delayed to reach the coasts of your heart?

This is my immigrant illegal love for you:
to block deadly projects and the gates of weapons of hate
to liberate libraries
to emancipate public spaces
to occupy the plazas
to shut down ports of greed
to work the land
to nourish your body
to cherish your soul
to tenderly enchant your heart
with my unconditional love for you, your children and the children of your children.

My illegal love has existed since the beginning of time…
and, as the letters of a lover, as your first kiss,
you will remember us as new worlds to be discovered.

As citizens and farmers of the World,
our illegal love has existed since the beginning of time…
when you look into our eyes, my dear,
when we look into each other sunshines
you will understand how much we love you,
because this is an unconditional timeless borderless love
that has crossed the entire Universe with the only purpose to hug you.

As citizens and farmers of the World,
our planetary letters will penetrate the walls of prisons
to tear down the imperial dehumanization
with hope, truth, detachment and love.

As citizens and farmers of the World,
our visa is that of the disobedient-servant-cross-pollinating monarch butterflies
or that of the subversive meditative gray whales.
We will cross the oceans to heal your children
and to bring smiles to your communities.

In an illegal Big Bang of service in stillness,
our humble love for you, my angel,
is filling your Supreme Soul
with an ever expanding happiness, aliveness and joy.

Amante Ilegal

La Luna brilla en mi cuerpo
y así también el Sol y los planetas y las estrellas y las galaxias.
La luz hermosa de la eternidad está dentro de mí
pero mis ojos ciegos no pueden verla.
Fue entonces cuando decidí convertirme en tu amante…
Mi amor por tí, mi ángel, está escrito en la historia del tiempo
y no necesito papales para mostrarlo.
Mi hogar es donde quiera que voy, incluyendo tu corazón
y no necesito permiso para estar en esta parte del Planeta,
porque te adoro.
La burrocracia pidió un pasaporte verde
pero yo sólo tengo un corazón rojo
diciendo tu nombre, Bienamada, en cada latido.
Y puedes construir prisiones y fronteras y muros
pero ¿cómo el aire nota la diferencia?
¿Cómo las estrellas dejan de brillar en esa parte de tu país?
¿Cómo las corrientes del Océano paran de fluir en medio de líneas imaginarias?
¿Cómo las mágicas lluvias de estrellas discriminan las divisiones irreales de abajo?
¿Cómo la Tierra pasa la aduana para entrar en el SisteAMA Solar?
¿Cómo la Luna puede ser perseguida por “la migra”?
¿Cómo la Vía Láctea puede ser deportada del cielo de la noche?
¿Cómo el Sol enseña su pasaporte?
¿Cómo las nubes indocumentadas son bloqueadas para que no vuelen a tu ciudad?
¿Cómo sabes la nacionalidad de las moléculas de oxígeno que visitan tus pulmones?
¿Y cómo es que el huracán feroz de mi amor puede ser atrasado para llegar a las costas de tu corazón?
Este es mi amor ilegal e inmigrante por tí:
para bloquear proyectos de muerte y las puertas de las armas de odio
para liberar bibliotecas y ríos
para emancipar espacios públicos
para ocupar las plazas
para cerrar los puertos de la avaricia
para trabajar la tierra
para nutrir tu cuerpo
para apreciar tu alma
para encariñar tu corazón
con mi amor incondicional por tí, por tus hij@s y por l@s hij@s de tus hij@s.
Mi amor ilegal ha existido desde el comienzo del tiempo…
y, como las cartas de un amante, como tu primer beso,
vas a recordarnos así, como nuevos mundos son descubiertos.
Como campesin@s del Mundo, como ciudadan@s del Mundo,
nuestro amor ilegal ha existido desde el comienzo del tiempo…
cuando nos mires a los ojos, mi vida,
cuando nos miremos en los rayos de sol de cad@ un@
vas a entender cuánto te amamos,
porque este es un amor incondicional, sin tiempo y sin fronteras
que ha cruzado el Universo entero con el único propósito de abrazarte.
Como campesin@s del Mundo, como ciudadan@s del Mundo,
nuestras cartas planetarias van a penetrar las paredes de las prisiones
para demoler la deshumanización del imperio
con esperanza, verdad, desapego y amor.
Como campesin@s del Mundo, como ciudadan@s del Mundo,
nuestra visa es esa misma de las mariposas monarcas desobedientes, serviciales que en cruzado polinizan
o esa de las ballenas grises subversivas y meditadoras.
Vamos a cruzar los océanos para sanar a tus niñ@s
y para traer sonrisas a tus comunidades.
En un Big Bang ilegal de servicio en calma,
nuestro humilde amor por tí, mi ángel,
está llenando tu Alma Suprema
con una felicidad, vivencia y alegría que se expanden por siempre…


About Radical Love
So, Beloved One, you asked what does it mean to love you subversively?

To serve with no strings attached, just for the sake of giving, that’s subversive.
To call you my family in the optical delusion of separateness, that’s subversive.
To greet you with a kiss and a hug in the isolation paradigm, that’s subversive.
So, my dear, feel my lips, my arms and my unconditional service holding you tight,
embracing you in community.

To walk and to ride a bike when the sweating-spiraling-pale-blue pearl already passed 350, that’s subversive.
A community garden in the midst of the asphalt jungle, that’s subversive.
To plant a tree not for us but for future generations to rejoice, that’s subversive.
So, my angel, enjoy the fresh-organic-superlocal honey of our dreams, shadows and juicy fruits of harmony.

To visit 2 million flower homes to extract a pound of sweet smiles, that’s subversive.
To cook once a week for more than a decade while opening the doors of your home to everybody, that’s subversive.
A Wednesday, a kitchen, a clinic, a farm stand, a magazine, a museum, a filmmaker…
all ran by love in a materialistic society,
that’s subversive.
So, my dear, make prophets not profits,
and be subversive.

To listen emphatically when everybody talks, that’s subversive.
To be in silence in the urban brazen din and noise, that’s subversive.
Ildefonso, a 27 year old deaf languageless brother who wasn’t able to understand the concept of “country”, that’s subversive.
The same brother asking why in “dark skin land” he starves but in “light skin land” he doesn’t,
that’s subversive.
So, my dear, with tears of joy in my eyes, following Ildefonso’s music,
I’ll meet you there in the Colorless Skin Land
where we all converge to Be In Receptive Silence,
where we all are pure, happy, brave, still… ONE.

To be still in the middle of the rushing city, that’s subversive.
To be courageous and kind in the midst of violence, that’s subversive.
To strive for the soul of life in perfection, that’s subversive.
So, my Love, live in ultimate perfection: wholeness.
Ultimate perfection, my angel, has a way of protecting itself
by always showing us there are a few more details to finish.

To let the stars and the galaxies kiss your skin, that’s subversive.
To send a wholesome hand written love letter in the email era, that’s subversive.
To love all living beings with no strings attached,
that’s subversive.
To have fun in the insurgence learning movement, that’s subversive.

Thank you Beloved One,
now we know that another name for subversive
is radical love.

This sky where we live
is no place to lose our wings
so love, love, love!


Awake, Arise and Act
now is the time
it’s time to join together
it’s time to love as ONE
to find a place to park your spirit
and fly
silence within silence
but there’s scattered energy
living without purpose
in violence, in noise, in disrespect…
hatred dissolves in the presence of love
souls in receptive silence
the new paradigm
space between space
reflection of the best of us
saluting peace officers
climbing the slippery mountain of impossible
for a painful success of shining eyes
our bare foot love
carried by an unstoppable soul
of the Feminine Divine
determined to make it
ONE step at a time

a poet on the clouds
rooted in his heart
a fierce mom radiating joy
in the landscape of fearlessness
a Ramadan faster in solidarity with Iraqi widows
embodying the spark of life from the other side of the Planet
a permacuturalist of the heart
planting more dreams already reality
a homeful isolated heart
ignored by many
invited to a delicious schizophrenic dinner:
a feast of radical love

growing in generosity and courage
a happy welcome minister in stillness
being kind to each other
peace having done the right thing
a pen of inspiration
home-made harmony fortune
a love drive
a love muffin
a love cookie
a love warrior
a server named smile
a singer on fire
abundance of inspiration
abundance of excitement
abundance of enthusiasm
abundance of (r)evolution
abundance of fun
abundance of insurgence
abundance of ONEness
abundance of abundance

tears of hope
tears of happiness
tears of harmony
tears of possibility
tears of carpe diem
tears of Ahimsa
tears of Satyagraha
tears of tears
all in our eyes
working as lenses
to amplify love
to magnify truth
to host light
as telescopes do
to receive
the love from the stars

so open up your eyes and see
there’s only ONE humanity
open up your heart and know
there’s only ONE soul
return to love
return to forgiveness
a wake up call
a wake up song
a wake up concert
a wake up symphony
that is loving you,
my angel,
between Zero and


How do you know if I really love you, my angel?

Look at the blue sky
as the Sun warms your heart…
Feel the sound of waves
as the Ocean caresses your mind…
Honor the starry night
as a shooting star crosses the firmament of your spirit…
My love for you, my angel, will be there again and again and again…

You’ll never know, 1000 years from now
if it’s going to be a cloudy day
nor what’s the shape and outreach of the next wave reaching the shore
nor the exact time for the next shooting star to appear…
but worry not, my Love,
I’ll be there for you, again and again and again…

Live with the material poor
as they enrich you with their millionaire soul wealth…
Rise up with courage
as injustice and men’s laws are melt down by the heat of fearless satyagrahis…
Lead an inner and outer (R)evolution
as you serve with ONEness, compassion, atonement and forgiveness…
My love for you, my angel, will be there again and again and again…

You’ll never know how the generous spirit
of humble people will transform you
nor if the stillness of your heart and your means will be challenged enough
nor the immediate success of the fruits and ripples of the Total (R)evolution of the Human Spirit…
but worry not, my Divine Lover,
I’ll forgive but not forget and my love for you will be there, again and again and again…

Enjoy the slow compassionate science
as the precision of its predictions reveal the secrets of the Cosmos…
Be astonished by the generositree of plants
as they create free oxygen for our survival…
Mimic the wholeness of life
as you copy the principles, organize from the bottom up, reward cooperation, promote diversity and foster resilience…
My love for you in Unity, my dear, will be there again and again and again…

You’ll never know the sense of awe and wonder
from the new discoveries to come
nor the uncountable ways Nature acknowledges interdependence
nor the creativity to run with light from the closest star
but worry not, my angel,
I will share the surplus of my Biomimicry, inspiration and love with you, again and again and again…

Read the verses
as my soul embraces your being…
Praise the bee flying
as she collects nectar for your sweet tea…
Smile at a baby
as he shares his unconditional love with you…
My love for you, my angel, will be there again and again and again…

You’ll never know which bee
shared the honey you are eating
nor the color of the eyes of the next new born smiling at you
nor the power of the next poem flowing through me…
but worry not, my angel,
My love for you will be there, again and again and again…

Like the Milky Way appearing in the bed of the night sky
Like the Sun kissing the elder Redwood
Like the Air sighing in your lungs
again and again and again…

Any time, any where, I’ll be waiting for you
to make love to you in receptive silence
again and again and again…

So it is true Beloved One!
The Cosmos bends towards justice
and Our Universal Love
will reach you in infinite ways
as we love you
again and again and again…


Elizabeth Snowing
I dreamed about you, pregnant with the liberated daughter of the World.
The umbilical cord of understanding was around her neck
but the peaceful flexible womb of your compassion disentangled all conflicts
and the yogini gave birth to the most profound attentive happy eyes I ever seen…
they are the expression of Nature’s love.
She looked at me and pierced my spirit so deeply
that only oneness was left on our bodies.
The feeling of becoming a father.

On the fourth day,
I asked to the Universe of Love
to see the Cosmos as it is.
The answer, among impermanence,
were thousands of graceful big cold snowflakes
flying and disappearing, coming and going…
melting away as soon as they were kissed by the warm ground or by my skin.

You were, once again, everywhere…You were snowing.

A perfect snowflake
became a droplet on my palm in a magic landing.
The moistened total awareness of the mouths of my pores invited you to infiltrate in me.
As the thirst of the soul was quenched,
I equanimously recalled once more, Elizabeth Snowing,
that you and I are not we,
but you and I are ONE.


The True Red Pencil
Emerged from the kisses of your eyes
was my need to be in love with all life;
the kind of love and the will
that come when the mind is still.

I didn’t know what real love was
until I loved all.
When my mind is still
I see everybody as my own self,
as my own blood.

At the still center within the heart,
same spot where the dagger pierced,
is where I found you, Beloved One.

Painful if we resist,
joyful if we surrender
to its petals
to its divine flow
to its detached nature.

We can never know what real joy is
until the mind is still…
a mind at rest and a heart full of love
is the true red pencil that panted
these verses from above.

A Butterfly living on the Moon
When silence replaces the truth
the silence itself is a lie
break the silence!
be a citizen of consciousness

drink from the fountain of present
it clears the regrets from the past and future fears
for today prepare?
after tomorrow stare?
the happiness and power of stillness is not here nor there!

the only deserts are lack of imagination, lack of enthusiasm
bath in the lake of now and rekindle the creative spirit
be attentive as when your sibling bled
there is no place for only the intellectual head
because we all know the heart is red
and go further so that the soul is fed

You are not just a star in the galaxy, you are also the mighty galaxy in the star
You are not just a soul in the Universal Love, you are also the mighty Universal Love in the soul
Speak up and join us to be in receptive silence
Learn the art of simplicity
To rejoice our moral grandeur and spiritual audacity

Gracias Luna! For loudly kissing your winged daughter
with the roots, the branches, the fruits and the flower
altogether strengthened her soul force: our real power.


The Eternal Cloth
Your being, Beloved Angel, fills
my spirit with courage to cross the highways of injustice
my heart with compassion to eradicate the abyss of indifference
my mind with understanding to discover there are no enemies.

(Y)our love, Beloved One, is an eternal shield of truth
witnessing mountains as slow waves
listening in-between Big-Bangs as rest note in the song of the Cosmos
caressing the Milky Way as soft canopies of our ancestors flying through space
tasting oceans and lakes and rivers as tea of evolution
smelling the stars as dust of life…

your eyes impossibly loving
your ears impossibly attentive
your touch impossibly gentle
your mouth impossibly smiling
your smell impossibly fragrant.

But our still minds,
merged in the glory of silence as ONE,
tapping into the impermanence of all,
generous with all sensations,
imagining our expansive joy,
are divine power and the possibility for Freedom.

Let’s walk side by side towards the Moon of United Souls in the path of community!
Let’s kiss Justice on the lips!
Let’s bow to each other bending the body of service with the-palms-together of love and respect!

Let’s feel the tears of gratitude from a being overflowing with love!
Let’s embrace in a sublime equanimous Planetary hug!

Beloved One, it is through the patient cotton of fearless kindness,
and its indescribable beauty,
that our hearts are warmly weaved forever.


Liberated Ride
Your alluring signature on the sky of celebration and creativity
harmony, spiritual action and light
from day to night
spinning on your own compassionate axis with great rapidity.

At the same time
cruising the SOULar System hundred thousand kilometers
in one hour
guided by the orbit of loving service
hurling through space leaving a trail of merits.

In the same hour
now nearly million kilometers
soaring through the arms of the Milky Way
no moment no place can be repeated
a galactic (a)wake of your loving touch…

and we, Beloved One, don’t even have to hold on!

A ride within a ride
velocity within velocity
love within love
truth within truth…
in just one second
our detached appreciation
the gravity and beauty of this free flow of truth
trillions and trillions of vibrations of Universal Love
keep us together
in this liberated ride.


Restoring Timing
Sometimes I wonder
if you are only my imagination
and then my heart says your name
and your presence, My Love,
becomes that of what you are before you are
it is your essence before any labels…

Centuries of pain
today remain
where’s the compassion?
the equality?
the freedom?

It’s not the tears that carve the spirit
but the way I respond to them.
I’m not ignoring them
they’re just one part of the whole
popping into existence
as streams do in the middle of Spring’s life.

A little bit more space
in my head, in my heart
mutual understanding, self-responsibility
in a brand-new “why?”
in a fresh “I’m sorry”
pristine water washing off tags
coexisting in a miracle of metamorphosis
what is the being between caterpillar and butterfly?

I’d like you to know
how our connection has deepened appreciation
in life’s finiteness
in love’s infiniteness
because even if we don’t see each other ever again
our hearts set on freedom beat as ONE!


Drinking Tea with the Catcher of Stars
Like the tree growing towards the infinite sky towards the light
My life grows towards (y)our love.

Like the soil hosting all the roots of the interconnected forest
Our heart hosts all the ancestors of humanity.

Your whispers, Beloved One,
tingling my soul
reminding me that
to feel pain is to be alive
to be present is to understand each moment as new
to be kind is to act at the right time
to be fearless is to love

you are leaving the door of trust open
I am a guest but feel at home
an irresistible invitation
in the middle of the cold quiet night
your tender warm welcoming hug give me strength
and I’m here listening very attentively

with each atom, with each void of the being
to your verses, Beloved Angel.

Manifesting the beauty that I love
your eyes of gratitude
keep kissing my lips of service
and I know that, silent as they are,
they won’t resist but will melt
with the echo to understand language and prayer
at the same time.

I’m not the owner of the words, I’m only an instrument of love
as such, I kiss you back in my mind
but then my mind is words and they become reality
and then my heart expands in joy as the Universe does.

Now I can love you even more! Now I know that you know!
This is our love from the beginning of time
now is here
and it will be permeating the space until the ending of time…

Oh! Catcher of Stars you know that I never left
and now I’m back in your sky of Truth!

Oh! Catcher of Stars if you only knew!
How that cup of radiance
made by the tea of your presence
nourishes the omnipartiality of our existence!
Let the courage we love be what we do!
Let our coexistence be a miracle of love!


Grateful for the Clouds
Reading the Universal Love’s calligraphy in the sky
sonnets of celestial vapor
lyric rivers in the air
during the starry night
the flying verses are illuminated by the full Moon
so as our singing souls.

Aha! Beloved Angel! That’s where your wings come from!
a radical embodiment of honesty and kindness
a courageous practice of vulnerability and service
a powerful flow of transparency and beauty
a declaration of oneness
eternal romance is the subtle awareness
of the breath of the Cosmos for us to fly.

In the cold consumerist violent selfish greedy behavior
your kissing bright eyes, Beloved One, are a bonfire of hope
providing heat to the hands of solidarity
but not as much as the gift of swimming naked
with our free bodies of fearlessness
embedded in the warm ocean of your love.

Barefoot we walk together in stillness
no layers between us and our Mother
the ancestral connexion in the ground, in the water, in the air,
becomes more real
as we kiss her with every step, with every sip, with every breath,
as we are kissed by the generosity of life
as we are kissed by the light reflected from these poems of love…


The Poetry of Shinning Eyes
The poetry of shining eyes… speaks by itself.
It is a radiant dynamic portrait of stillness
that cannot hide the infinite happiness emanating from a pure heart.
The poetry of shining eyes is the evidence of success…
the achievement of realization of the true self,
the self that continuously smiles without stopping
within all the hearts of all the beings that have ever existed on this Planet.
The poetry of shining eyes is a mirror of the Universal Love.
Look at those stars and surrender…


Nonviolent Roses
Blooms fostering divine physics and harmony
one pollen grain at a time
kind-fine dust of merits.
True satyagrahis who feel intensively the Universe of Love
and act accordingly in profound positive influence.
Without action, without scent, our supreme beauty is incomplete.
That’s why our roots are ruthless honesty, ruthless courage
to clean the home of our heart-mind flowers
and be ready to host saintly pollinators.

Leaves of internal prosperity, no false thoughts
catching, in stillness, the unconditional gifts of billions of suns.
Our sharp resilient thorns of holly satyagraha
are tributes to challenge injustice
and its greedy hands: ignorance and totalitarianism.

Some might try to harm us
attack our soft colorful petals and even violently crush us
but in the process, as Nonviolent Roses,
How could our sweet indomitable fragrance not be offered?
How could we not be kissing their lungs and minds
with a fearless smell to remind them about our exquisite oneness
and the indestructible flow of the human spirit?

It is our nature not to like them but to love them.
Let’s intoxicate them with pure love and critical inquiry!
The immortal nectar will be absorbed in their blood.
We might become generous molecules in the stream or service and truth.
Sooner or later, Beloved Angel, we will reach their heart
and there will be no “they” anymore
only understanding.

We can never be crushed because
the aroma of courage, love and compassion
is our signature, legacy, testament and last breath:
“we love you, we forgive you, we bless you…
we are one.”


Familiar Warmth at the Redwood Cathedral
The chillness of a shivery wet night
awakens the forest and my love for you, Beloved Angel.
Why do we walk on dark mud paths to reach a silent cathedral
a natural church without walls packed with beauty
stained glass of different depths and lights
with greens and browns and grays and blacks
and awes and wonders and celestial secrets
a carpet of reds and resistances, bouncing our free steps
in the aisles of communion?

Why do we choose the heat of our bodies and service
instead of the warmthless structures and greed?
Why do we invite the robber to have dinner with us
instead of calling the police?
Why are you here sharing the wetness of life
and not elsewhere in a dry cement building?
Why are we saints if we feed the poor
but criminals if we challenge the system that creates poverty?
Why is this not our first night admiring the unseen stars
beyond the clouds in a corner of the Planet?
Why have you, Beloved One, been always with me?

Perhaps it is because you have been with me as the air,
same anarchic air who gently plays with the branched pillars
of these witnessing redwoods with their dancing arms reaching the sky
to form this majestic dome.

I know this is not our first night together, Beloved One!
it is not the first time I embrace your warm body with my verses
it is not the first time I feel your abundance with smiles and affection
it is not the first time I marry your stillness
it is not the first time your familiar warmth
reminds me of the Universal Love.
It won’t be the last either…

Our footprints are left in the biginningless path of unity
with a heart full of generosity and a soul generated by love,
always present, an endless Cosmic Companionship,
striving for the soul of life
we fall asleep together, embracing each other
in freedom
in an indescribable beauty.


In an Instant Time is Eternity
True Love, Willing Bird,
how to know if I will recognize you?
A horrible answer, never.
Excruciating torture, tomorrow.
The worst of all, yesterday.
What the soul yearns, Now.
May your song fly in-between heartbeats and breath!

And then, I see the whole Universe in your eyes, Beloved Angel,
in an instant,
in all that present greatness,
have no choice but to see your sorrow, your beauty, as you see mine
in an instant.

Reality is based on our experience
but have we experienced everything?
our experience is incomplete.
Words fall weightless
and awe is all there is
and wonder.
And so we feel the beginningless silence
without heartbeats
of our still hearts
break open

and then I feel the whole Universe in your touch,
in an instant,
in all that tenderness,
beyond the mind
the hands were cold
but our rubbing spirits on fire
supported by
the smell of stars and reality
in your hair

my favorite star in the whole Cosmos
the star of your love,
the Universal Love,
because it illuminates my life
stronger than billion suns
it is always within
the sacred heart
evolving the present
level of perception

and when the light of galaxies
will be extinguished
thousands of millions of years from now,
I will keep loving you, Beloved Angel.

An infinite chain of Nows,
present moments
leave us
profoundly different
and exactly the same.
And so we love you, Beloved One,
in an instant,
time is eternity…


The Symphony of the Spiderwebs
I dreamed about
Freedom again.

Her mother, as loving and mysterious
as the background wind
subtle music
of the enchanting sequoias
branches and leaves
to dance with what is.

Her father, as fearless and bright
as the spider
jumping into the abyss
no security
but his own spiderweb,
his love for all,
left as trails of light
only merits
to meet the next redwood’s hight.

The future daughter
asks me in dreams:
“What did you do to serve all of us?
When am I going to be born?
Why is your legacy
a debate between
radical partnership and celibacy
or both?”

new paradigms
to be embodied…

“Are you aware enough
to feel the orchestra,
the ongoing love insurrection?
Have you heard the symphony
thousands of networks
silken thread spun master pieces
all conspiring in unison
with the gentle air?”
She says.

We know they are there
but only when
the kindness of the Sun
makes love to the dark forest
we will see them shine.

Waiting to be discovered,
waiting in imminent conception,
waiting for us, Beloved Angel,
Freedom is everywhere!


The Loop Resolution
…is it the cause or the effect
this brand new second, this brand new corner of the Universe
those laughing eyes and overwhelming smile
a journey of a blank mind
praises the devotion of an infinite Love
New Soul’s Day recognizing a Cosmic Breath and a fire
way beyond duality and morality
sleeping at home, in between heartbeats
the best shelter is, Beloved Angel,
we know we belong to each other
but resist this expansiveness of joy
we are one and the same
surrendering in vulnerability
in multiple trails
waiting for the holly reunion
looking for signs of the sacred communion
hosted forever
in the living room of our hearts…


The Bottom-Up Tree
Inspired by hermana Pavi’s poetry.

Old trees are wise elders they
Know and don’t jabber and
When they speak they
Whisper only
An anchor of love
Well rotted in its origins
Towards the sky, towards the light
A tree is a magnificent living sculpture growing


Become a Star of Love
Painfully delicate and surprisingly strong
embedded in sounds of joy
this tremendous love for you, Beloved One
bound to remain indescribable.

I’ve been repeating your name
so many times over and over again
until the word melted on my tongue
with the sweetness of nectar
as the solid soft white coconut oil
yielding its malleable transparency
to the mouth’s fire.

This is the water of life, Beloved Angel!
a life worth living
knowledge worth knowing
a soul worth souling
soft crisp smell of an open meadow
or is it freedom?

having roots nowhere, we have everywhere to go
would we run into a soul?
don’t go with the flow
be the flow

six thousand years of statism
the cradle of civil-lies-azion
the part of the Planet we call Egypt
might be the tomb of statism too
walk like an Egyptian
rise up like an Earthling
we are the radiant children of the Earth

the best and the worst of humanity
not written in any book only inscribed in the soul
grateful for what I have been given
also for what I have been denied
we are ONE
hatred and violence
cannot be cleansed with the purest waters
not even with abstinence and fasting
only love will purify our hearts

universal, dependable, invariable as the laws of Nature
freedom attained through love and love only
satyagraha effective through fearlessness and fearlessness only
air smelled fresh and alive
gusty wind brought in
the scent of stars
from faraway galaxies
light, stories, magic, harmony, eyes eternally happy,
quality of experimentation and learning
pushing boundaries with gentle intensity
hearts filled with joy
trusting the end result of a process

an acorn that already heralds
the proud self-reliance tree
the glorious constructive program
that it will turn out to be

Look at the thorn and see the rose!
Look at the night and see the dawn!
Look at the crescent Moon and see it full!
Look at the favelas and see the Transition Town!
Look at the governments and see the People’s Power!
Look at the riot police and see the brother behind!
Look at the compost and see the juicy fruit!

We are the lovers of the Universe, Beloved One
and will never run out of patience
for time is needed for the cloud of cold gas
become a star.

So, shine! shine! shine!


The Abode
Waiting at the door steps of the Beloved One
how lucky to be offered so many homes!
If, all of a sudden, they all are gone
the cathedral of trees shelters us
and even if the wall-less refuge is gone
the fire of the Universal Love
ignited in the heart
will keep us warm for eons.


Accepting the Heritage
We are the continuation
of our ancestors
the energy of mindfulness
connects us with them
I carry all of them with me
all the ancestors are with me
they walk with me
and take a step with you.

In every step, in every breath, in every heartbeat
we are not independent from them
they are present in every cell of our body
every part of our being contains
all the generations of our ancestors

we are a river
and we carry all our ancestors with us
we are not a separate self
we are a continuous river
we are this continuation
we must accept the heritage
all the love, all the compassion
including the suffering
and to understand it
the crying tears
will help to heal us and our ancestors.

Oh Beloved One!
We shall overcome someday!
We are overcoming now!


Supernova of Love
Is it possible to control the course of our lives
through rational choices?
How could a bird control the sky in which she flies?
How could a fish control the ocean in which he swims?
How could a star control the galaxy in which it shines?
In the fragility and brevity of life
practice being in receptive silence
go beyond duality
and accept
love in its eternity.

For a cosmic instant
let’s outshine the galaxy
as a lantern of humanity
as a supernova of love
serving others
and know, Beloved Angel, that
Love is the goal
Love is the means
Love is the reason!

Supernova de Amor
¿Es posible controlar el curso de nuestras vidas
a través de decisiones racionales?
¿Cómo podría un ave controlar el cielo en el que ella vuela?
¿Cómo podría un pez controlar el océano en el que él nada?
¿Cómo podría una estrella controlar la galaxia en la que brilla?
En la fragilidad y brevedad de la vida
practica estar en silencio receptivo
ve más allá de la dualidad
y acepta
el amor en su eternidad

Por un instante cósmico
brillemos más que la galaxia entera
como una linterna de la humanidad
como una supernova de amor
sirviendo a otr@s
y sé, Bienamado Ángel, que
el Amor es la meta
el Amor son los medios
¡el Amor es la razón!


The Rediscovery
..surveying the world
in many skies
tonight it is as if
for the first time
the wings are grateful
for the air to be able to fly

the soul feels
humbly surrendering
to your presence, Beloved One,
endless caresses
in every heartbeat
rediscovering love…


Oh! Awe!
please crack the mind’s shell
and enter the heart.

Oh! Beauty!
please tenderly caress the soul
with your ungraspable nature.

Oh! Courage!
please be as love in the eyes
and embody that fearless presence.

Oh! Beloved One!
please, please, _please_
forget what I said
but don’t stop the impermanent kiss
of this Great Silence…


Numberless Poetesses & Poets

Excruciating joy
ready and willing
hanging out the surface
quick to appear
at the slightest pretext

ignorant if I generate aversion
fool if I crave for it
who is “I”?

ubiquitous justice
as the power transforming
everything that stands against love…

Oh! Shams, Rumi, Hafez, Crazy Horse, Thomas, Drew, Sri, Pavi… Beloved Angel!
we belong to each other’s universe
let’s serve this unified soul selflessly
in a cosmic poem
as if our lives were ONE!


Whose Heart?

Do you see the essence within the manifestation, Beloved Angel?
Do you see the creator within the creation?

Holding hands to say what is not said;
shining eyes encountered to read what is not written.
Stillness generating great power,
work that no activity can accomplish.
Enamored by the description of soul,
hugs to embrace what cannot be grasped
a silent effect that speaking can never have.

Emancipated borders
they are so familiar
as your lips.
No countries, porous bodies
divine membrane of ONEness…

The Sun is my heart, my heart outside of this body;
her warmth does no work while working all the time
even during the night she is working.

To love you in service, Beloved One, is so effortless!
As you walk on the shores of the mind
your feet kissed by the Sea of Sweetness might be!
The sacred stream flows without break,
an Ocean of divine consciousness, devotion and wisdom
it has no resting place no home of its own
only the fine sand of courage
and a spring of love and wisdom
emerge from within
waves surrendering at your feet
boundless ocean
majestic roaring tides of love…

And then I say:
“What else but love could be in you?
You are not conscious of giving love.
Please don’t be afraid of your own beauty
of your own light
because you are like the Sun…”

As our Star,
your existence dispels darkness and brings light
no way to thank you for that,
it’s your nature.
Can darkness can be brought to the Sun?
The Sun arises every morning but does it rise to remove darkness?
Giving light is natural to the Sun,
giving our life to service, giving love is natural to us.

Let’s serve together Beloved Angel!
As Freedom manifests in our eternal love
one heartbeat at a time!


The Unmanifested Heart

The being in this infinite quest
have the only intention
to love you, Beloved One, more and more.

A supernova of love went off in the heart
cannot be spoken, thought, written or imagined
only experienced
with every fiber
too much energy for this ephemeral body
breaking up the chest
in expansiveness of bliss
thermailzing a colossal amount of feeling into tears
that wash the inner body
with awareness as it is…

Forgiveness manifests
as more teardrops of merits,
life can bear fruit once again
a heart that loves so intensely
that finds the yes side of no
planting a star
in the firmament of our collective spirit.

We give them for granted
the pumping heart, the Galaxy, the Sun, the Earth
the visible and invisible beings
their nectar of compassion
and all their unconditional love
always there
for us to exist.

We are consciousness remembering its origin
inner connectedness
like the story of our flying home
a cradle for our Planet
a disk that came from our Star
more interdependence and oneness
heart beams
rays of elation
recognizing the truth
when we see it
when we hear it
when we feel it
darkening the brightness
brightening the darkness
the day becoming dusk
the night becoming dawn
the dancing process of a SOULar eclipse
the hint of a smile turning into a grin.

The loving sunshine of your gaze, Beloved Angel,
melting the snow of innocence and shyness
flashing eyes
smiles radiating out at the spacetime
in front, back and around
rays of trust as keys
to fully open up the unmanifested heart.


Shadow of a Binary Star

Flecks of gold in your eyes
startled me
as if we had lived this moment before.
I knew I had found my companion,
exchange of long meaningful glances
constant light
between the dusk of words…

Our link to the unmanifested
consciousness emanates
as radiation emanates from the stars
don’t cultivate awareness of the inner body
be inner awareness
for presence is consciousness
lifting our souls
to the higher realm of here and now
the inner realm.

Ask the Milky Way about stories of lovers!
She knows them all
showers us once again
with her warm glow
an evolving invitation
effortlessly rediscovering love
illuminating the sky of intimacy
as a balm of tenderness,
each moment one step closer
towards our consummating hearts

in the beat of death
we take in each other’s
cosmic pheromones and a flash
of the first and last pressure of hands and wings
between you, Beloved Angel, and this being.

A binary star
looks as ONE
but who hears the invisible burning Ocean
the mystery and dimension
that comes from listening to the shadow of our star?
A nourishing dark and a blazing light
both always with us
an unknown divine concert guiding us
to dive into the depths, Beloved One,
of the silent breath
where the soul lives.


Bells Within Bells

Our lives,
like the sound of bells,
ride on top of the subtle music
of previous rings,
to amplify, as waves do,
messages of courage, compassion and love…

Can you feel their echo in the Planet?
One cannot be aware of the past
or the future,
and yet, there is
a spaceless and timeless connection,
so paradoxically real,
like bells within bells
in a live concert,
striking spirit chords.

Oh! Beloved Angel!
Why is your heart so free?
A choir of soul chimes:
she dwells harmoniously detached now;
he dwells detached
happily in the present moment.
Forget my words
but don’t miss a single note
and feel these vibrations
of the past, for the future, now!
Keep kissing the air
with your breath Beloved One!
and ring! ring! ring!


Life and Death of a Verse

… as this verse arises,
some intimacy dissolves
into that field
beyond impermanence,
in the midst of the selfless universe.
only, we merely are
this Great and Subtle Love
like this verse, it passes away…


Service Space

Going beyond mind and matter
no one can do it for us
must be experienced by each soul.
Feel each sensation
without identifying with them.
There’s a horizon
between sensation and sensation
the barrier arises and passes away.
Surrender equally
to the pleasant and the painful
and the neutral, too!
All will pass.

Can you tell, Beloved Angel,
when you are beyond impermanence?
What happens when loving you is so great
that the boundaries between
grief and joy
pleasure and pain
and impermanence itself
Aren’t you grateful
that there are no words
to describe this infinite and subtle love?
What is this being,
these human kallapas, when awareness
is completely absorbed
in sensations, in itself?
Suddenly, all cells are ONE and none…
observe continuously
until the mind dissolves
until the body dissolves
with everything that is.

Oh! Beloved One!
Forget these words
as the subtle breath
becomes tranquility of mind
detachment is mere detaching
wisdom is mere experiencing of impermanence
liberation is merely liberating
but love,
oh love, Beloved Angel!
love and loving others
are the wings
to fly through misery
to engage in a valley without limits:
into the Service Space.
Then, serve! serve! serve!



My heart had a metamorphosis of love and kindness
since I met you, beloved one.

To Be in Receptive Silence
is a translation of
a universal love into human spirit.
Did you know that the soul is made out of love?

If we don’t love
we begin to die inside.
So love without limits,
Be courageous without limits,
Be compassionate without limits!

Every time that universal love
through us,
the soul
shaped out of it
gets stronger.

Love is the reality,
poetry the drum
that calls us to act.
The soul lives
in the quiet breath…

Somewhere on
the ocean floor of the mind
lies the pearl of existence,
where stillness becomes
awareness and equanimity…
currents of attentive presence,
the buoyant force of life
emerges on the surface,
as ripples of kindness,
as waves of compassion,
as Tsunamis of love!
Go ahead and shape the shore of humanity,
as the Moon of Justice and Service
gently shapes the pearl of our existence!

This is the force
of light and gravity.
It comes from cosmic courage, ever dynamic,
inspired always by this love.
And thus, I sink again into darkness,
casting the anchor of a secret smile,
where photons cannot reach,
the eyes cannot see
and yet, with hearts wide open,
I feel the sun of your love, beloved one,
shaping the spacetime of life by
kissing the heart of hearts,
one wave at a time.

Sometimes happiness is the source of my smile;
sometimes my smile is the source of happiness.
Sometimes fearlessness is the source of my loving eyes;
sometimes my loving eyes are the source of fearlessness.
Sometimes courage is the source of stillness;
sometimes stillness is the source of courage.

Can you tell the difference, beloved friend?
Can you tell where the ocean kisses the sky?
Can you see that spot in the horizon where the Sun turns red?
Where your presence turns into red gold?
Can you tell that we live in a round borderless country,
where the color of our skin, legs and heart
are our passport and visa?
Can you tell if the moving clouds
are reflected on the still surface of the lake,
or if the still lake
is a reflection of the moving clouds?

Is this now the sound of the ocean or the wind in the forest?
Can you feel the sweet water meeting the sea?
Can you see the forest exhaling clouds?
Can you touch the light of the rainbow of your dreams?
Can you smell the joy of a liberated soul?
Can you taste the sweetness of forgiveness?
Can you tell where the macrocosmos dissolves the boundaries of the innercosm?

Zoom out to outer space
and tell me,
how does the horizon look like?
Zoom out to outer space
and tell me, beloved friend,
what does “country” mean now?

Zoom in into your heart
and you will honor diversity.
Zoom in into your heart
and you will find all the answers.

Listen beloved friend!
It is the roaring of our collective love
reaching the shores of now.
Feel the motion of the impermanent Earth
melting day into night,
sunsets into sunrises,
playing with our eyesight,
with our heartsight,
and now please tell me, My Dear,
why don’t we meet in the horizon of unity,
were we all become compassionate, courageous and wise?

Can you hear the sound made by the wings of a butterfly
during her first flight?

Yes beloved one,
Can you tell where and when
my heart had a metamorphosis of love and kindness?

It was when I met you.

Now let us praise the subtle beauty
to love without limits.
There’s a horizon beyond divisions, let us meet there.
Oh yes, beloved friend. Reclaim our responsibility to walk on the Planet.
and walk! walk! walk!


Infinite Vision

For many life times

many laps around the Sun
I guarded the star of my soul
but now in this Galaxy of startling rays
I lost track of which is mine…

I see you everywhere, beloved angel
I feel you everywhere, beloved one
the years grow shorter

the night sky is packed with stars
this society is a blind being
zigzagging on the road
but whoever feels Your Love
and tries Your Food
sees beyond the stars and beyond the blind being.

Great souls walk among us.
How does the crowd miss his bright smile?
How does the other crowd miss her shining eyes?

To honor the Milky Way is to honor your face.
Honor, the Atmosphere. What we say, a little grain of pollen.

So the air-journey goes on, and who knows where!
Just to be held by the Air
is the best luck we could have.
It’s a total waking up!

Why should we grief that we’ve been sleeping?
It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been unconscious.

Feel the motions of tenderness
around you, the buoyancy
the possibility of pollination
caught in this
majestic wind of the Cosmos.

Love is my only companion
Love is the sights of the soul
the infinite vision
that fuels the motion of our hearts.


Ancient But Fresh

Your eyes as galaxies
as time machines
or your galaxies, beloved one, as eyes
as space for beauty
say our love is not about two rays melting into one
that’s many trillion times bigger that the Sun
our love is from the Big Bang
that’s where it’s from

be courageous
be compassionate
remove the locks from the windows of the heart
and let the air of generosity enter your temple
in and out a flow of fresh kindness
will fly through the center of our chest

it’s time to start acting according to our cosmic age
go back to the Big Bang
where we first met
14 billion years of stories
telling that our love keeps expanding…



undivided, infinite, changeless and eternal

trace back far enough
look at this heart
look at this soul
to understand my love for you, beloved angel

can you see anything when it is happening?
it happened already
we see the whole thing in the past
it is only by seeing events late
that we are able to see them away from us

is this love bigger than space?
but without space, how can one see things as small?
it’s beyond space
it cannot be in space
it has nothing to do with space
this love is undivided and infinite

does this love last longer than time?
but without time, how can one see things as changing?
it’s beyond time
it cannot be in time
it has nothing to do with time
this love is eternal and changeless

this universe
quite a bit divided, divided into atoms
quite a bit finite, tiny electrical particles
quite a bit active, falling together by gravity into galaxies and stars…
gravity is unidividedness seen in the divided
electricity is infinitude seen in the finite
momentum is changelessness seen in the changing

this universe
falls together by gravity
flies apart by electricity
and remains totally stationary
that’s our universe
so as our nature

paradoxes of the Universe of Love

we want to be totally in love
totally free
totally alone
we all run towards
the undivided, the infinite, the eternal, the changeless
a cosmic spacetime run
a carved path by relativity
reality one
views many
where the separation between the lover and the beloved is zero…

yes beloved one, the whole Universe is not big enough for This Love!


Still Indescribable

Lovers of the Cosmos!
all is blessed and broken
tracing the whole growth of concepts
rather than their acceptance

Servers of the Universe!
worship is serving
where service is needed
wether the offering be food, or education or spiritual illumination
genuine sense of service
kinship and love for all humanity

Wanderers of the Earth!
you were always in the soul
no reason to look for you anymore

the whole world is full of the Universal Love
moments of immortality
serving others
we live in what we love

the surest test of love
working together in a selfless cause
let there be no separation
it is possible to love forever
all separateness coming to an end

a caress for the soul
like the touch of a soft feather
still warm
from a falcon’s death
whose plucked essence will continue to fly
drinking the light of the shy Moon
in the middle of the night
wrapped in our eternal journey
honoring life
burring the dead
his last sight
the spirit of immortal love
her last sigh
the call to keep embracing the undivided

as moths attracted by light
we feel driven towards
and love
and freedom

the search of the changeless
shows as the yearning for peace
the search for the undivided
shows as love
the search for the infinite
shows as the yearning for freedom

lose ourselves in our unity
that’s to love each other
to live playing
like a perpetual fountain in the heart

lover with the Beloved

the Galaxy, the eyes that see and the light
all in One
lover, Beloved and love
all in One

blessed be the oneness!
blessed be the redness of our hearts!
blessed be the souls for we don’t know how to stop loving!

blessed be! blessed be! blessed be!


Reconocimiento Celestial

Cuando me fui a dormir
el corazón de la Galaxia
con la copa del cedro, esataba nivelado…
y cuando desperté,
no se había movido.

Me tomó un instante
reconocer tu presencia
venía como una cósmica caricia.
Un instante fue suficiente
para abrazar tu latido y sonrisa
que calientan el alma de forma peligrosa …

¡Oh marvillosos sueños
acogidos entre respiros!
¡Oh hermosura indivisible
y nuestras experiencias de
unidad celestial irresistible!

[and the rough translation]:

When I went to sleep
the heart of the Milky Way
was just leveled with the top of the cedar tree…
and when I woke up,
it had not moved.

It took me an instant
to recognize your presence
coming as a cosmic kiss.
One instant was enough to embrace
your dangerous smile
warming the soul in every heartbeat…

Oh! ONEderful dreams
held in between breaths!
Oh! Beautiful oneness
and our experiences
of irresistible celestial unity!


Gotas de Luz en el Mar del Cielo

…con los brazos y el corazón abiertos
espero entre espíritus y vientos
celestes reconomcimientos
y amores mezclados
bebiendo mar de sueños el pecho llama
diciendo en fuegos cruzados
todo aquel que ama
palpitando tu nombre con auspicio
entre los ecos mudos del silencio
cada respiro es un verso
cada segundo una ofrenda al amor del universo
por eso te espero en silencio receptivo
porque amarte es mi único motivo…


Bálsamo de Luz

Tu aroma es mi segunda piel
reecuentro de los alientos de siempre
liquidos murmullos de miel
del Amor Universal en tu vientre.

La cita de Jupiter y la Luna creciente
en mi cielo la noche extendida
en un brazo la caricia reciente
es avalancha de amor encendida.

La impermanencia del ser y estar
bálsamo de luz a todas las almas
brindando un rugido de bienestar
mas en profundo silencio las amas.



honor our larger body
growing a global heart
ennoble your life
be humble as you affect her
for the next thousand years
don’t waste time
love everyone
loudly and in receptive silence

be a socially just presence
a movement
of conscious committed people
be part of it
serve all beings
don’t talk about it
be the conversation
don’t waste time
love everyone
loudly and in receptive silence

you’ve always mattered
there’s possibility
evolving always as love
know there’s no enemies
be alive and grateful
death is waiting for you
don’t waste time
love everyone
loudly and in receptive silence

plant kindness, courage and compassion
harvest our collective wisdom
and remember
the best time to kiss her:
twenty years ago and
now! now! now!


Inextinguishable Fire

beyond the confinements of the chest
long to silently hold
the whole universe of the inextinguishable fire
in these arms of oneness
beloved angel please feel
this infinite love flowing
through every cell of the body
through every void of the being
please feel every vibration
every moment of impermanence
in the vastness of this ocean of emptiness
filled with indescribable identityless universal love

may these tears of joy water the seeds of happiness, courage, compassion and wisdom that are in everyone’s heart for eaons to come…

[close your eyes and feel these vibrations of love]


Free Without Formality

All of existence is the creation of Love
for the purpose of that Love
to reveal itself in the full magnitude
of Beauty and Generosity…

sing to the impermanence of the rainbow!
for only someone who emits light
in all its colours
from a red heart of gold
can appreciate sunshine and rain at the same time

today is the day, beloved angel,
the star remembers the Galaxy where it was born,
and today is the day, my dear,
we all remember this world is our very own…

Listen, oh star! give yourself up without regret,
and in exchange gain the entire Milky Way.
Listen, oh star! bestow upon yourself this honor,
and in the arms of the Galaxy be secure.

In generosity and helping others, be like a river.
In compassion and grace, be like the Sun.
In concealing others’ faults, be like the night.
In anger and fury, be as if you have died.
In modesty and humility, be like the Earth.
In tolerance, be like the sea.
In patience, be like the Milky Way.
Appear as you are, or be as you appear…

… but be free without formality.

Because one could live through
the greatest tragedy imaginable, Beloved One,
and still trust and be true to Love.

Attitude is the scent of the heart
smell! smell! smell!


Disobey With Great Love

If you really work for liberation, stop paying for war.
Disobey with Great Love, be informed and do it beautifully.

If you are tired of violence, stop fueling it.
Watch your mind and be the change harmoniously.
If you are sick of cowardice, start healing the soul.
Embrace with courage the fearless community.

If you really work for liberation, stop paying for war.
Disobey with Great Love, be informed and do it beautifully.

If you spread generosity, stop playing with greed.
Serve all with no strings attached and move away from wage slavery.
If you strive for freedom, stop putting people in power.
Put power in people, be just and celebrate equality.

If you really work for liberation, stop paying for war.
Disobey with Great Love, be informed and do it beautifully.

If you plant justice, recognize that all wars are civil wars.
Be the total (R)evolution of the human spirt, share your inner and outer stars.
There’s no other, there’s no enemy, not even the 1%
the only enemy, is our cooperation and lack of descent.

If you really work for liberation, stop paying for war.
Disobey with Great Love, be informed and do it beautifully.



As the silent Sun kisses
the flower to open its petals,
this noisy heart of mine
must learn to quietly kiss you, my angel,
to open the petals of your soul.

As the Full Moon hugs
the ground to reveal her night secrets,
these cloudy eyes of mine
must learn to brightly hug you, my dear,
to reveal the mysteries of your other lives.

As the graceful rainbow connects
the town’s inspiration to the horizon of dreams,
this monotonous ears of mine
must learn to colourfully touch you, my friend,
in espectacular conversations of the hearts.

As the gentle rotation of the Earth directs
her symphony of birds to sing dusk and dawn,
this gross respiration of mine
must learn to harmoniously sing you, beloved angel,
to find, in shared anapana, the music room in your chest.

As the bold terminator of the morning light walks
to convert darkness into brightness,
this shy tongue of mine
must learn to warmly walk your lips, my sweet one,
to drink their line between wet and dry.

As the kaleidoscopic Spring showers
the valley to integrate its rich scent,
this monochromatic nose of mine
must learn to smilingly smell you, adored one,
to shower the family with happiness to live joyfully together.

As the smooth river caresses
the bank to nourish its soil,
this broken flow of love of mine
must learn to gently caress you, my angel,
to nourish our interbeing bank.

As the soothing bell tickles
the air to enchant its molecules,
these dull vibrations of mine
must learn to be all pervasive
to enchant all your cells in the spirit of love.

As the old mountain dances
to the rhythm of impermanence,
this stiff blood of mine
must learn to playfully dance with you
to let our steps be in freedom.

As the Great Silence trusts
stillness to be its sacred streams,
this wandering mind of mine
must learn to be still
and keep trusting in our divine encounters.

As the refreshing rain serves
the intimacy of life to activate its power,
this dry presence of mine
must learn to selflessly serve you, Beloved One,
to refresh our resilient and dynamic love.

As the fearless Milky Way rejoices
the emptiness to acknowledge its vastness,
this insecure spirit of mine
must learn to courageously celebrate our existence
in the vast Universe of Now.

So smile and learn! learn! learn!



om + amo = AUMUA [pronounced “om-mua”]

a sweet/solid palindrome trying to express what goes beyond words, communicating the divine juncture of the loving unit of we, a couple loving each other for the benefit of all beings…

Fuerza para el bienestar de tod@s los seres… el temblor de una estrella se siente al arrancar un pétalo de la flor…

Amándonos con mentes y corazones en lealtad
Universalmente siempre dinámica
Mutua inspiración y libertad
Unión sagrada y única


El Corazón Palíndrome

alba habla somos seres aumua
soñar amar años nomon
se es o no se es
Zapata ata paz
ella te dará detalle
la ruta natural, la tomo como tal
amaos, aporto otro paso, ama
aire solo seria
acurruca soles
arad luz azul dará
aumua, es reconocerse, somos seres aumua


algo misteriosamente hermoso esta mañana sucedió
cuando por completo el alma se rindió
a tu voluntad sutil y divina
simples sugerencias, un mundano beso y rutina

como cuando esta pluma sublime y su tinta libre
se deslizan sin esfuerzo en caricias del papel
amorosas órdenes firmando líneas de miel
miles de sublíneas, cohesión inentendible, conexión siempre

en estos espacios, Bienamada ita, está tu ausencia
dando sentido entre letra y letra la mente silencia
eso es lo que anhelo, olvida lo que escribo, sentimos el cultivo
del vacío expansivo de un corazón contemplativo

observando por igual, moléculas su inspiración y color
como billones de seres en este cuerpo, ritmo y sabor
de las estrellas y su fuego blanco compartido
sin saber nutren este amor espontáneo y dejan el corazón rendido


Relation(Ship) To Sail in-Love
silent rivers of light to quench the fierce thirst of the heart… [facilitated by the siblings of Sigur Rós in Ekki múkk. Visuals & music for a more holistic experience, verses both, in Spanish and English].

flotando arriba y entre el océano de estrellas
barco contínuo de la confianza
sin orillas
ni corrientes
sino la luz y la sombra
¡el Sol de la Tierra hermoso!
la estrella de lo misterioso

sólo el amor tiene el poder sobre el amor
como, sobre, las nubes de dolor
se fusionan, debajo, con el océano de alegría
es poder con
ahogado en total unión íntima
la inmersión con La Divina

celos se evaporan
misericordia y amor se condensan
ciclos incluyendo el uno al otro
alimentando aves que vuelan sin alas
y peces valientes con sueños muy grandes
para ser contenidos en un universo de agua

ahora caminan la tierra
y ya llegaron a la Luna
y pronto a las estrellas

un mar en calma sin movimiento
de una tormenta de belleza
ondas de lo invisible
lo delicado, lo indecible
eres fuego empapado
inhalando luz de agua
eres el Primer Rayo del Amanecer
tu flujo interminable
contínuo y rítmico  

olas de preguntas
¡shh! ¡shh!
vívelas, navégalas
sin respuestas
y mis labios cierra
de tu beso las estrellas
este deseo sellas
con el fuego blanco de tu tierra

vuela sobre el vasto océano interno del silencio
sin seguridad alguna
sólo el gentil flote
de tu amor tierno
caricia imposiblemente tierna
de tu luz inextinguible
Bienamada del encanto viviente

mira el horizonte infinito del alma
sé silencio
exhalando agua de luz
sé el Último Rayo del Atardecer
y húndete cantando en el Corazón de Amor…

¡húndete! ¡húndete! ¡húndete!

   … aumua …

[English flow]

floating above and among the ocean of stars
the steady ship of trust
no shores
no currents
but the light and shadow
the Sun of the Earth!
the star of the mysterious

only love has power over love
as the clouds of sorrow, over
fuse with the ocean of joy, under
it is power with
drowned in the ultimate intimate union
immersion with the Divine

jealousy evaporates
compassion & love condensates
cycles containing one another
nourishing flying birds without wings
and bold fish with dreams too big
to be contained in a universe of water

now they walk the land
and already reached the Moon
and soon the stars

a calm sea of stillness
from a torment of beauty
ripples of the invisible
the delicate, the unsayable
soaked fire you are
inhaling light of water
the First Ray of Dawn
your never-ending
continuous rhythmic flow

waves of questions
hush! hush!
live them, surf them
without answers
and close my lips
with the stars of your kiss
seal this desire
with the ground of your white fire

fly over the vast inner ocean of silence
with no security but
the gentle buoyancy
of your tender love
impossible tender touch
of your inextinguishable light
Beloved One of the living delight

stare at the infinite horizon of the soul
be quiet
exhaling water of light
be the Last Ray of Dusk
and sink singing in the Heart of Love…

sink! sink! sink!

   … aumua …


The Unfathomable ManzanITA
you whispered verses
in the soul
as I sat
on your brown flying carpet of dreams…

Oh! ManzanITA
how do you go
beyond mind and matter
and money, really?

how is that you don’t need a five star hotel
because you’ve been staying in
a 300 billion star hotel
for years and years

in one way, shape or form
until my life is oriented
to serve others
with the volition of love
until then
chronic outbursts of misery
will haunt me

tell me a story
of how souls reencounter
being in receptive silence
to fall in love
to walk together
to rise up!

how the irresistible stickiness of your fruit
enchants the musk deer
and your terse red
attracts the most dear

acorns, oaks, pines, bay leaves and cedars
all in unison networking
with you
for life

the glowing green
and radiant maroon
are your silent words
resembling the ways
to reach the heart

look at this love
and see a rainbow of smiles too

yes, you speak in colors
in ancient tongues
the mosses reply
in vibrant hues

and your branches
and your roots
oh your branches and roots!
elegant arteries seducing the land
or is the sky?
or is it both?

Is it blood that keeps you red
or is it the liberated souls?
Is it the panting of wind and water
that keeps you so soft
or is it the transpiration of freedom?
Is it your alveoli that keeps you fresh
or is it the stillness of minds?

to say you are
in the tenderest place of my heart
could be a cliché
it is certainly an understatement
since your whole being is a superlative

being-est Unfathomable Manzanita!
branched alveoli being one
with the air
ventricles dancing
with the flow of awareness of life

splendid composition
symphony, concert, song
mind and breath
heart and love

I have drunk your secret waters
and not the dew
not the late showers
not even the melting snow
have given me clue
of the power of your
impermanent raptureness

surrendered is the lover
to the continuos music
that is the breath of the Beloved One

and then you conjugate haiku:

This body decaying
this Love forever strong. Breathe
this moment to connect them.

In stillness inspire
the heart’s effort. Exhale
effortlessly just being.

Be aware of each breath
for this could be the last one
smile, witness your death.

Compostable Love
after each regeneration, newer
fresher, stronger.

liquid sprouting flowing like a river
in browns and greens and reds
saw you catching snow
crying of joy after the rain
glowing naked
under the Full Moon
and the Full Milky Way
and then gave you the New Moon
letter that has lost its envelope
whose seal has been broken
and will pass away too

If only García Lorca
itas and itos
could describe you and all this in a haiku…
what would they say?
after all
aren’t we all gifts of the Universe?

you whispered verses
in the soul
as I sat
on your brown flying carpet of dreams
and finally it emerged
after a little bit:

Oh ManzanITA!
bark in a bow, what’s to wrap with
your curls of silence?

¡Oh ManzanITA!
moño de corteza, ¿qué hay que envolver
con tus caireles de silencio?

Once again, Pancho surrenders
to the Unfathomable ManzanITA
with unending gratitude
and beginningless love…

A Little Bit
[From Conversations with a ManzanITA: she whispered verses in the soul as I sat on her brown flying carpet of dreams…]

A little bit, a few leaves in my hand
out of this bushy tree
out of this Forest of Truth!

A little bit of droplets in my face
out of this flowing river
out of this Ocean of Love!

A little bit of oxygen in my chest
out of this inspired blowing wind
out of this Atmosphere of Compassion!

A little bit, some few photons in my body
out of this vibrant star
out of this Galaxy of Wisdom!

A little bit of a lot of courageous
sisters and brothers in my heart
out of this transcendent-inclusive evolving humanity
out of this Universe of Life!

A little bit and how much there is!?!

and bit by bit
the translucent mind
when still
reveals the cessation of misery

and beat by beat
the incessant heart
when open
reminds that Love is what matters

The Heart of the Universe pulses
with an impermanent yet
unstoppable penetrating power.
Vibrate with it.
Be it.
Just a little bit, just a little bit.

Oh Beloved One!
To be in-love and to surrender
is to be aware of
the merging
with you
in every leaf
in every water droplet
in every pocket of air
in every photon
in every person
in every laughter
in every vibration
in every moment…

So blessed be
all there is
a little bit, a little bit, a little bit…

Few Haiku

delicate yellow
creative fire takes no wood
the leaf falls in mud


broken open walnut
aromatic dark ink splashes the ground
in a rotting shell


losing a feather the owl flies at night
plucked by hunger and the white Moon light


feather black and white
left the flight
still receives stars tonight


golden gift
Fall surprise in crunchy wrapper
berry wrinkled sweetness


matching night and day
curled up greeted by dusk’s last ray
scent alone musk dear


rainbow sound of light
droplets revealing colors
oh! melodies everywhere


dam of leaves
stillness by smooth stones
trickling sound moves forward


one fairy plays
water the leaf rock at home creek
walking droplets merge


quality spacetime
best friends are love and breath
last thing that will leave you


warm dreams and nest
she’s in-love and in-laughter
the writer rest


window open
invites the silent dark night
smack! the stars kiss you


unexpected Moon
silent stream thru open window
delves in light and life


pure and tender love
she surrenders in gentle touch
call to arms: rise up!


tip of the flame
genius fingertips of fire
in creative flow


the sail is up
boat feels the sun and drag
letting be waves and keel


straight wind sets the boat still
inaction play, strength dancing
with the vast ocean


A Canticle Farm…

to challenge the screaming metal
fake soulless sirens without music or oceans or dreams
to challenge bullets that always find the heart of a mother
victims in both sides of the gun
the crying soul of dinosaurs
reverberating the collapse of the industrial growth society

to stop giving permits to destroy our magnificent biodiversity
to break down the fences of mistrust
to dismantle the empire…

to acknowledge the hummingbird!
the concert of leaves
the singing willow
the forest of fruit
the healthy and local food
the Earth
the Sun, the Water, the Moon, the Wind, the Fire
the sisterhood
the brotherhood

to reclaim our starness
our waterness
our friendship and gratitude
our world citizenship
to reclaim our right to walk freely in the Planet
to remember that violence is ignorance
and anger is compassion that forgot how to breathe

to remember that anger is compassion that forgot how to breathe

the Heart of hearts pulses to
NOT talk
NOT try
NOT teach
to BE Love
to BE Courage
to BE Wisdom

if greed is the norm
if violence the means
if hate the vehicle
if fear the source
let’s be crazy wisdom and put our shoes on the head!

and serve others with no strings attached
and love one another as if there’s no tomorrow
and embody nonviolence as if it was possible
and Disobey with Great Love
and regenerate our soul
and regenerate our soil

to inspire waves of The Great Turning
of the Great Generation
the Great Liberation
of the Great Movement that knows there’s no enemy
that knows that every war is a civil war
that offering dignity is the way to connect
one heart at a time
one home at a time
one block at a time

houses of peace
houses of courage and fearlessness
houses of friendship
houses of generosity
houses of compassion
houses of inspiration
36 avenues
36 villages
36 cities
36 worlds…

it is the 36th avenue of the 7 billionth soul!
forget about the 5 star hotel
you have 300 billion stars as a roof for billions of years
offered as a gift!
it is too valuable to be sold
too precious to not be lived
too beautiful to not die for

36 avenues and how many generations?
are there 7 generations?
youngsters lost in miserable violence
where’s the alternative?
where’s the reverence?
how can we see the system blindness?

let’s breathe some joy
some equanimity
some peace
let’s breathe some justice
and find the beauty in darkness and light
resilient heroic survivors
stars and roses breaking the concrete
breaking old paradigms
holding in there
holding the spacetime
to teach us how to live and die
how to be aware of impermanence
aware of patience
how to love our oneness
and realize that we are Love itself
and realize that we ALL are Native Beings of the Planet

14 billion years
our cosmic age
let us act accordingly
we are 14 billion years old!

let us see the light
in the eyes of our neighbors

let us see the light
in the eyes of our neighbors
the courage of our common ancestry
and be a fierce mirror
of the Universal Love
to cultivate the heart of a mother
one heart at a time
one home at a time
one block at a time.

Drink It All

no rain
only tears from the stars
the responsibility to drink
moment by moment
drop by drop
the non-stoping stream
of the Ocean of Love

Nahui Ollin (Cosmic Movement)

Listen to her roar
we are the sacred living body, mind and spirit of the Earth
we are the sacred living body, mind and spirit of the Earth

wake up! she is crying
wake up! we are dying
leave that somnolence
and surrender to the mystery of embodying Radical Love
every moment
in Nahui Ollin, in Cosmic Movement.

We all are indigenous people of the Earth
pregnant with responsibility and magical ability
and we can give birth
to a healthy gift-ecology.

Disobey with Great Love, these are the years
when the monarch butterflies don’t appear
and the melting glaciars are our tears
as the tar sands’ machine leaves a visible brutal scar
the deported mother knew long ago in her heart.

Fukushima’s radioactive pain is breathed by all
as we scapegoat our teens in Juvenal Hall.
Diaobesity? the solution will never be Monsanto’s GMOs
forget about its roundup
because I am a superweed saluting the Sun
on the prison’s parking lot;
and you are a superflower hosting the wild bee
dismantling the system by just being;
and we are a supernova spreading love
with astronomical patience we don’t fall short of.

Come and bake bread and break bread
and in communion wake up my dear friend
with every breath!
Disobey the market with every breath
and with every breath
let the Cosmic Christ, the Cosmic Buddha,
the Cosmic Creator,
the Cosmic Zapatistas, the Cosmic Black Panthers,
(put ’em together and get the Cosmic Zapanteras!)
the Cosmic Movement, the Nahui Ollin
flow through you in this dance of life and death.

The Milky Way with her billions of cosmic sparks asked:
what is love’s highest ideal of itself
that wants to flow through you?
Nahui Ollin

and the Sun responded with this dance of planets
and her rays of love;
and the Earth responded with this celebration of life
and the feast of your existence;
and you responded with a big smile
and Disobeying with Great Love…

Yes! We are a celebration of the body of the Earth
longing to be aligned with her mind and heart!

Yes! We are a celebration of the mind of the Earth
yearning for insight, compassion and equanimity!

Yes! We are a celebration of the heart of the Earth
not willing to stop this fierce love as long as we are alive!

Be courageous and never go back to sleep.

Listen to her whisper
we are the sacred living body, mind and spirit of the Earth
we are the sacred living body, mind and spirit of the Earth

surrender to the mystery of embodying Radical Love
every moment
in Nahui Ollin, in Cosmic Movement.


Being the Luminous Heart

don’t wait
be what needs to be done
like your incessant pumping heart
like the storm after a drought
like the spoken word during injustice
like the symphony of frogs in the (inner)city
like the song of a bird after the clearcut
like the galaxy in the empty space
like the wise sage and her wrinkles of kindness
making the crying baby smile

be death’s secret
nothing to do with killing
nor racism, sexism or hydrogen bombs
nor fracking the land or gmos
nah! death’s real secret
the one you are not afraid of
to understand who we are
to find our planetary identity
the prodigal third daughter of the Sun
we are alive and swirling!
keep dancing in the galactic floor
be Earth now
laugh! dance! and then laugh again!

oh beloved heart!
you are meant to be broken
we are been breathed by Earth
stretching our tissues of identity
weaving our fantastic stories
fabric of arteries and veins
shaping and watching the movement
of the present moment
expansion and contraction
grappling for land and air
extending the branches of your essence’s art

every atom of your being
shaken by supernovas
combed by galactic winds
encouraging your glorious sculpture
shaped when we were sung by Mother Sea
an embrace of tender possibility
left at the moving shore

spirit exposed to the will
of chisel rays
by the closest galaxy
and the closest sun
and the closest moon
in a dance of unstoppable creativity
their visiting genius revealing
our unimaginable talent
to live the (r)evolution now
as our privilege and responsibility

the water and blood and lights
scar our hearts
sharp tears
crossing the mind’s shores
carving out
all the moments of our lives
and then scatter them across the heavens
like stars, for all to see
but are we strongenough
to bear the glory of the starry night?

do we realize the cosmic
vulnerability and feast
that we are?

in this night of the soul,
can we hear each other’s
greatness and wounds
as the vastness
among our heartbeats disappears
with a collapsing Big Bang sung
by radical love?

be the fluid prayer
both light and shade
that casts out the best in us
to love one another

and please, don’t wait
don’t get stuck in that bliss
because while we all are dying
the dynamic lovers
keep supporting this
immortal kiss

be the fluid prayer
that compassionate blood
which opens more and heals
our collective
tender strong brokenopen heart…

the unexpected metamorphosis
is within
it could be now
it could be sudden
it could be slow
or at the speed of an Amazonic garden

unknown transfiguration
from a red holly stream to become
the courageous heart of Earth

get out of the rhythm of time
the magic might stop for awhile
life is finite
but don’t count your merits,
failings or blessings,
does a happy heart count her heartbeats?
just get into the rhythm of love
and just
pump! pump! pump!

that’s the secret to be re-membered
in silence
beyond mind and matter
the memory is in the cosmic sky
smiling countless droplets of light
make an adventurous painful journey
to water the ocean of our existence
with abundant joy
so that we can
love! love! love!


Being Like We-Inter

today even the mini-snowflakes
carefully land wholehearted and unafraid
in a quiet subtle dance
resembling the mindful ways of a mother
around her sleeping child

conscious cold feathery crystals of love
concerned of not perturbing our agitated minds
to evoke stillness instead
with their invisible breath
and so with an utmost gentleness
with an utterly compassionate rhythm
this impossibly gorgeous frosted glitter
moves without sound
an inaudible six-fold-symmetry aerodynamics
guided by the Sun’s song and gravity’s notes
in the afternoon crispy-sparkingly air
delivering silent discourses
to invoke the divine now
as stars do

each sparkle is a reflection of the Sun’s image
or of our colorful selves
our luminous nature
as a flying party of mirrors
fueled by countless joy

air and water little prisms
transmitting the colorful dance of untiring photons
solar gifts as fearless pilgrims
the snow people meeting the light people
unthinkable evolution and millions of miles
photographed by some random mammal’s eyes

who knew these night-during-the-day dancers
tiny gracious sparks of awe
were so brightly small
so brightly magical
but so abundantly ubiquitous
whether we see them through the sunshine or not
as thoughts and feelings of freedom
in the movement’s stride
quiet minds sparking out loud love and light
as we approach the longest night
melting the thick ice
with the bonfire of the heart

being like winter
the ancestors whisper
a miracle is something impossible
in the old paradigm
but possible in the new one…
now walk on water
and trust the river

tiny tiny tiny winter liberation
here here and here
gratitude and reciprocity
a frozen moving glacial
taking us
to the house of seeing-relatives-everywhere
a ruthless awakening
to the beauty of it all

Inviernamente Liberad@s
hoy incluso los mini-copos de nieve
aterrizan cuidadosamente con todo el corazón y sin miedo
en una danza sutil y callada
que se asemeja a las maneras en que se mueve una madre
con atención plena cerca de su criatura que duerme

conscientes cristales de amor, como plumas, fríos
preocupados por no perturbar nuestras mentes agitadas
para evocar calma en su lugar
con su aliento invisible
y así, con el mayor cariño posible
con un ritmo absolutamente compasivo
esta brillantina helada, imposiblemente hermosa
se mueve sin sonido
es inaudible aerodinámica con simetría hexagonal
guiada por la canción del Sol y las notas de la gravedad
en la tarde de aire crujiente y chispeante
pronunciando discursos silenciosos
invocando lo divino ahora
como lo hacen las estrellas

cada destello es un reflejo de la imagen del Sol
o de nuestros seres llenos de color
nuestra naturaleza luminosa
como una fiesta de espejos que vuelan 
avivados por una inconmensurable alegría

pequeños prismas de aire y agua
transmitiendo el colorido baile de fotones incansables
regalos solares como peregrinos intrépidos sin miedo
el pueblo de la nieve encontrándose con el pueblo de la luz
evolución impensable y millones de kilómetros
fotografiado por los ojos de algún mamífero que pasaba

quién hubiese sabido que est@s danzantes nocturnos-durante-el-día
estas pequeñas y llenas de gracia chispas de asombro
eran tan brillantemente pequeñas
tan brillantemente mágicas
pero tan abundantemente ubicuas
ya sea que l@s veamos a través de los rayos de Sol o no
como pensamientos y sentimientos de libertad
en la zancada del Movimiento de movimientos
mentes tranquilas que hablan en voz alta de amor y luz
a medida que nos acercamos a la noche más larga
derritiendo el hielo grueso
con la hoguera del corazón

siendo como el invierno
l@s ancestros susurran:
un milagro es algo imposible
en el viejo paradigma
pero posible en el nuevo …
ahora camina sobre el agua
y confía en el rio

diminuta minúscula pequeñita liberación de invierno
internamente, inviernamente
aquí aquí y aquí
gratitud y reciprocidad
un glacial congelado que se mueve
a la casa de ver-familiares-en-todas-partes
un despiadado despertar
a la belleza de todo lo que es…

Divine Archer

how many times those waves said your names
carving the shore
with the liquid chisel of impermanence
to invite us
into a curved portal of beauty
and life and mystery
all through the impossible perseverance
of our Mother’s love
and her incessant wet rhythm
a sculpture of tireless kindness
a little miracle

now the blue fire calls for your wise arrows
and dares them to land at the already pierced horizon
where the sky meets the tides
where the archers who didn’t come to being live
separated by an ocean of tears
waiting to smile at you with compassionate sunsets
surprising you with the sunrises of your own existence
to smile with you
until the corners of your mouth
become the beginning and end of a rainbow of joy

Divine Archer look around
and fear not
you are the sacred song…
and the dancer
and the danced!
feel the ubicuos curvature of the Earth
the plantcestors greenly tenderly crawling on your thin skin
everywhere there ‘s a reason to bow
even your name bends
with two palms together…
even the Sun turns the sky
into a canvas to draw flexible lines
with fatherly generosity
and gravity gently pulling his circular rays
of strength and resilience into your heart

Divine Archer feel around
and fear not
let that emptiness be the vehicle
to be a new window of our collective being
and fear not
because you are also the flow of pure Love…



standing sequoia of intimate dreams
be every trace as a caress
let your path gently paint the skin of the Earth
everY wOrd dAnCing
with the breath of the Kosmos
in communion
with all that is in front
and behind
and inside…out

never get confused about where to find the utter beauty
in this burning red heart unity
and leave no footprint
but remember to change
the effortless age
scaling in time
the mystery of the spirit
as the song of the red-tail hawk
kissing the lips and tops
of the redwoods

turn around and dive deep into the ocean
swim into the Earth’s blood core
of these tides by the synchronized heartbeat
sweetly saying your name, Beloved
moment by moment

let the water lava flow
let the fire go wild
and surrender
because you are all
the wave, the ocean and the movement
the dry grass, the sun’s flames and the burning
the combustion of life’s radical love
transformation, fusion and reverence
yesness Beloved!
all in one speechless rapture
of the colorful
melting heart on fire


Rain of the Soul
at night
wake to the scent of distant stars
long before they splatter
the roof of your heart

throw off the blankets of knowing now
and let the spirit run outside barefoot
into the unknowable fields of the Beloved bow

and before the mind’s skin could even feel the first drop
the wet reluctance of beauty
splashes your heartmind
with untiring lights
that never give up but bind

am in-love with the stars and their rain
when she kisses the eyes
plants her fragrance in the heartmind

what makes your heart wide
what makes your face shine

yes, looking down
there’s ground that separates us and makes us different
keep looking up
and see the sky that unites us and makes us the same

then the Earth her moist, radiance and vibration
emerges as our beloved home, smile and celebration
feel the unifying force
falling in-love with the source
keep witnessing in and out
and offer wild prayers, raw poems and love songs
to this unfathomable
luminous rain of the soul

and let it rain! rain! rain!

Lluvia del Alma
en la noche
despierta con el aroma de los soles lejanos
mucho antes de que salpiquen
el techo de tu corazón

quítate las cobijas del saber ahora
y deja que el espíritu corra afuera descalzo
en los campos inconocibles de la Amada
ofrece una reverencia

y antes de que la piel de la mente
pueda sentir la primera gota
la renuencia mojada de la belleza
salpica tu corazónmente
con luces incansables
que nunca se rinden sino que entretejen

amo las estrellas y sus lluvias
cuando besan los ojos
plantan su fragancia en la corazónmente

lo que te haga amplio el corazón
lo que te ilumine el rostro

si, si bajas la mirada
hay un suelo que nos separa y nos hace diferentes
sigue levantando la miranda
y ve como el cielo nos une y nos asemeja

entonces la Tierra, su humedad, resplandor y vibración
emerge como nuestro amado hogar, sonrisa y celebración
siente la fuerza que nos une
te enamoras con la fuente
sigue siendo testigo dentro y afuera
y ofrece oraciones atrevidas, poemas vírgenes y canciones de amor
a esta inalcanzable
lluvia luminosa del alma

y deja ¡que llueva! ¡que llueva! ¡que llueva!


River of Stars
let the reverence for nature intoxicate you
absolutely fascinated by her
you become Earth
because you are already her
being the suspended period
when the wave crops up on the exposed sand
where there’s is no time, no space,
the silence of breath’s tides
calling you so strongly
one cannot possibly hide
the strong shout of the heart
dissolving into the untiring art
pulling you to serve all and love all
a stillness in motion
a pilgrim’s In-Action…

pay attention to the heart of meditation
to the common miracles
don’t confuse bigness with greatness
simplicity unties the unwise knots of greed
let the voice of silence speak
simple and clear and in the moment
the roar of (y)our liberated spirit
would merge with the ocean’s song
or is it a river of stars?

Don’t Spoil the Moment
within the great heartbeat
there are things you will never understand
but be intimate with your death
live life fully
as if you were a ripe fruit on a tree
knowing the deadly pull of gravity
and be delighted by the fall
by the butterflies in your stomach
by the fly as long as it lasts…

enjoy the poignancy of the seasons
of your life
the beauty of time passing
but don’t spoil the moment
by uttering a word
don’t spoil the moment
and plunge in
the juiciness and surprise of impermanence
the spontaneous experience
of what is

Pilgrim in the Open Shore

Today the clouds and ocean are indistinguishable
the horizon vanished
with the incessant rhythm
this breathing feels synchronized
with the larger lungs of Mother Earth
and even with the galactic integrated dance
the condensation of the clouds of the kosmos
into the nectar of life

the shore smiles as each weave reseeds
leaving planetary dimples and wrinkles
hosted in the heart of anyone aware of them
an ubiquitous humble and simple joy

today the stillness of the clouds
the motion of the ocean
and this happy condensed human wave
are one

today there is no horizon
no future, no destination
just now
only wrinkles and dimples of a smiling beach
the ocean floor
a mating dance for the human continent
an infinite coast
lost in the distance
as a stairway back to the stellar heaven
all in an instant

today the choreography and music of water
in all her forms
and ripples of life
this wet fire, this liquid star
are one and the same

today the heartmind of the Earth
is a loud joyous smile
with sore and happy planetary cheeks
a hysterical laughter
of undivided love

Peregrinando en la Costa Abierta
Hoy las nubes y el océano no se distinguen
el horizonte desvanecido
con el ritmo incesante
este respirar se siente sincronizado
con los más grandes pulmones de la Madre Tierra
e inclusive con la danza integral galáctica
la condensación de las nubes del kosmos
en el néctar de la vida

la orilla sonríe con cada ola que regresa
dejando patas de gallo y hoyitos en las mejillas planetarias
si estás consciente de ellas
el corazón se convierte anfitrión
omnipresente se vuelve esta alegría humilde y sencilla

hoy la quietud de las nubes
el movimiento del mar
y esta feliz ola humana condensada
son lo mismo

hoy no hay horizonte
no hay futuro, no hay a dónde ir
sólo el ahora
sólo hoyitos de mejillas y arrugas de la playa sonriente
el suelo marino
un baile cortejando el continente humano
una costa infinita
que se pierde a la distancia
como una escalera que va de regreso al cielo estelar
todo en un instante

hoy la coreografía y la música del agua
en todas sus formas
y las ondulaciones de la vida
este fuego mojado, esta estrella líquida
son una sola cosa

hoy la corazónmente de la Tierra
es una sonrisa alegre y sonora
con mejillas planetarias adoloridas y felices
una risa contagiosa e incontrolable
de amor indivisible

Las Primeras 3 Décimas a las 3am

Jardines de luz vestidos
iba el solsticio mío sin son
mano, mirada y corazón
hasta el alma vi extendidos
estrella de todos lados
ríes yogini en el cenote,
mar, desierto y Polo Norte,
o corres libre de dueño
sonrisa que tatuó el sueño
amanecí así amándote…

Estrella del mar del cielo
que corres siempre en libertad,
dejas tu estela y eternidad
en este sincero anhelo
de un corazón fiel al vuelo,
del espíritu invencible
para vivir lo imposible.
Nos has guiado con tu canción
en noches de arrullo y unión,
es amor imprescindible

si es que ves la impermanencia
de la vida y de la muerte…
y entonces no hay más que amarte
día y noche con paciencia.
De la inmensidad tu esencia
estaba en un sólo latir
corazonando el existir,
es un ritmo tierno y lento
del Universo y su aliento
que nos relaja en su sentir.

A Himalayan Encounter (a Poetry Bath 29 min audio in Spanish)

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

falling madly in-love
with the lush soul of the Planet
love at first sight
the sacred shines
from the naked heart of isness
to align ourselves with our deepest prayer
a mystical hike
to follow the appearing interestellar trail
bodies are fed and spirits nourished
by the sense of belonging
the most essential of foods
that’s what the winsome mountains said:
we belong to one another

such seamlessness that evokes
the soft, mysterious embrace of the Beloved
to fulfill our potential and be real
what makes us us

soar into the numinous shrines
adorned with the cotton clouds
made up of the warm breath
of panting grace
and a gentle buoyant connection
the magic and messiness of relationship
fused in this very humauntain Love

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

the spirit’s liminal freedom
wrapped in the rocky chrysalis
and dark light
the fluid unknown ridges of the human soul
defying layers of gravity and despair
as the broken-open butterfly heart
waits to flutter around and around this kosmic garden
with her galactic wings
but finding nowhere to land…

until her internal incandescent flights
enlivening the summits and pinnacles as petals
of this Himalayan pollinated moment
become an unbridled stellar love affair
flesh and blood and plasma and rock…united
in disappearance of identities
by the heighten simplicity
of the oneness that is always happening
by the terrible blessing
of these boundaries of death and life
filled with nothing
but the ordinary scent of beauty
and the color of liberation…

sparking an unmatched longing
to be of service
to unlearn harm
to unlearn disdain
as an intergenerational gift
yes, is liberation
from the illusion of separation
that eludes formulation
as the vocabulary of virtue…
virtues as tools for the art of living:
the science of love, absolute burning compassion,
perennial forgiveness, bowing to all my relations,
disarming humor and knowing laughter,
the ultimate victory of humility,
asking deeper questions, divine play, wondering…
as ceremonial naming brings a bit of the essence
of things into being

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

Mary did you know that when these shores met
10 million years ago
as baby Jesus mounts
were to create
refuge for mystics, inspiration for prophets
a sanctuary for poets
an altar of unimportant people filled with gratitude and joy…
the closest spots to touch the stars, still grounded
and storms fiercely eroding the need for certainty
and winds gently brushing the sierras of our intuitive voice?
sinuous raise and fall of consent
as we haven’t spoken to our gut in eons
but the brokenhearted
is wont to long for beauty
what broke that precious pumping hollow organ
is also what connect us
what makes love love

mountain roots aspiring the sky
that can never wholly be pulled out
from sacred ground
are listening with undivided attention
like a prayer
holding space for uncertainty
and its principles
and that’s how am touched
by these mineral layered journals at a distance
by the courage to believe in what i can’t see
by the strength of trust
and everything turns into ceremony
everything becomes sacred hospitality

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

i prepared myself for this encounter
because we come to the Universal Love
not by being good but by doing mistakes
thirsty for wonder
moving away from the trap of false perfectionism
and towards the Little Way
i knew it was going to shake me to the core
but how much?
our boundless hearts might hold
a spiritually naked surrendering
a radical surrender
that lays the soul bare, in-love
into the formless arms of the Beloved
ever so gently
the boundless grace of
and the truth of
Holy Love whispers…
ever becoming

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

Encounters with the sacred
radiate from the core
of seemingly ordinary Mount-Everest moments
don’t we melt into what we love?
a glimpse of the face of the Divine
trained to see through the eyes of love
this is our birth right
a paradoxical gravitational yielding
to our lover’s lips as streams
that leaves us with a soul on fire…

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

golden sunlight shimmering across
the snowed rippling mountain ranges
like a thousand radiant suns
dazzling us, filling us with wonder
like the first time we ever heard
the sound of our inner shooting stars
fffttthh ….. ffffftttthhhh ….. fffffffftttthhhh…..
burning into the soul’s atmosphere
inviting us forward
to discover our hidden wholeness

a motion and spirt
that could be traced back across
millions of years through Cenozoic verses
i am smitten
by the Beloved’s rapture and mystery
by this pain as a portal to grace

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

if consciousness is universal
the kosmos is your body
these mountains am flowing
tears flowing through me as glaciers
of this 10-million-year-unfinished poetry
perception is intimate
but not private
this mountain body
is only part of this body of the universe
expanding in ranges of wholeness
contracting in profound immense stillness
of unexpected and
absolute happiness
absolute beauty
absolute love
absolute understanding
absolute humor…
all together divinized qualities
in the spectrum of reality
all incomparable, there’s no relative, all unique
as there’s a total fulfillment of the heart

say Yes! to whatever arises!
it could be a 10-million-year-unfinished poetry
or been dragged across a flor of broken jagged glass
or it could be a tempest of sharp ridges
or it could be the highest mountain of grief
standing at the edge of sorrow
glancing at the precipice of betrayal
feeling the bloody dripping cuts in the back
and the visceral tug in the belly
before and exacerbated during the free fall
a gasp transmuted into the sacred
transfigured into a radiant fusion
all of a sudden becoming the waterfall
becoming its dissolving mist terminal velocity
and its buoyant beauty
permeating the wholehearted field’s unity
of this blessed and deepest fragility
to know that even in the insidious abject lack of clarity
and the most excruciating painful moments
and in utter loss
the practice is learning to rest
being unexplainably sustained
not alone, in community
on the lap of the Beloved

say Yes! to whatever arises!
to the 10-million-year-unfinished poetry
to the wrinkles of regenerated continental epidermis
and to the boundless ecstasy of nothingness
the radiant abyss
and watch out of the corner of your eye
open to possibility
landscape of the Himalayas within
revelation of suddenly seeing what i was blind
to only moments before is a sublime experience
a raw surge of transparent expansion
the gifts of embracing imperfection
and how it feels to have a heart with no skin

the ground 1 millimeter higher than last year
growing in soil and soul
pretend we are the mountain
no, no…
WE ARE the mountain!
unhurried redemptive crust
fueled by an undergirding truth mantle
a wrinkle in the fabric of land and spacetime
planetary cloth-rising apropos of nothing
but true play
and being sewed by the thread of impermanence
with the needle of grace
with perfectly invisible stitches
of long lasting joy and of love
a thin permeable holy veil
a playground where
water, air and light merge into colors
the divine lights that i find in the path
and who look like all creatures
great and small

the wild flowers stare at the sunrise
these multicolored eyes
can’t help but let flow thousands of tears
and join the grasses and their green eyes
that bow to the ground
with the weight of each tear

am the Himalayas and am crying too
a birdlike mountain range flap her wings
in slow motion
her breath enter my nostrils and pupils
and flood my whole being
melting untouched glaciers of the heart

don’t we melt into what we love?
Encounters with the sacred
radiate from the core
of seemingly ordinary Mount-Everest moments
a glimpse of the face of the Divine
trained to see through the eyes of love
this is our birth right

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

the lushness of the living waters of love
manifests in all its forms
grey clouds’ upcoming encounter
crystal springs’ ever freshness
mist’s gentle touch
dew’s morning condensed passion
white snow’s clarity and brilliance
ice’s strength and potential
rivers’ flowing wander and curiosity
tears fully seen and accepted
mammals’ miracle metta-morphosis by life…
and all in between
a pouring of the rains of emptiness
into the ground of being…

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

these spectacular ribs moving
with the inhale and exhale of the Earth
tuned with the galactic rhythm
seen and heard and felt as a moment
in this kosmic timelapse

high tides of rocks
now pulled by the moon of this heart…
or is it that when one is in-love
one can’t tell who is pulling who
in this unknowable love that will never die

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

this inconceivable lofty beauty
makes you fall in-love with the Earth
in synchronized heartbeats
in symbiotic heartbeats
standing still, looking up
arching the neck backwards
in breathtaking wonder
waiting to be pulled
by the chest to the stars…

a spiritual lift

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

melted snow becoming the stream
becoming the river
becoming the tree, the flower, the bee, the bird, the snake, the leopard, the human
becoming the soil
becoming the cloud
becoming the snow again
the fluid geography of longing
mapping its own meaning

after sipping some of the pristine peace
and refreshing grandeur of the Himalayas
there’s some ancient glacier
that is also melting in me
communicating something,
the kind of silent discourses
that only stars evoque
these uncanny echoes of presence
a kirtan of the Earth’s love
a call-and-response
singing the names of the Divine
bouncing off these majestic walls
of these mountains
of this chest
a loud harmonious silence

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

a ~13.7 billion year kosmic romance
turned a ~5 billion year galactic chance
morphed into a ~3.8 billion year graceful Sun-Earth-Moon-Life dance
into a 10 million year continental drift as a single step
with the planet’s spin and viscus within
a lithospheric choreography…
or a lithospheric sonnet broken into tectonic verses
this poem is mountain building sublime
astonishing triumphs of orographical rhyme

this spacetime
is the drum of my skin
beaten by the heart
the breath and bones
waiting in between the heartbeats of the Earth
two shores inextricably meeting
giving birth to thousands of glaciers
oceans becoming fresh water
perennial rivers out of salty waters
and permanent snow lines
after 10 million heartbeats
then the Everest
a marine limestone miracle
bowing now to the ocean of stars
the human-soul plate tectonic
geologically active with wonder
is merged into this magic
to surf the divine mysteries
to appear and disappear
into the secret of Universal Love’s face
we are the Earthrise
an embodied song of creation
growing in splendor 1 millimeter per yer
growing with humility 1 smile at a time

a smile not located in time
eternal, ever-present
a grin that cannot be found in space
improvising for
the true, the good, and the beautiful
a kosmic smile that can be found in all children
in their giggling, contagious guffaws,
disinhibited dancing
and what one loves in childhood
stays in the heartmind forever
to grind it
it’s planetary memory

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

familiar oneness rendered at its best
including grief and loss and death
to be revered as a sacred landscape

thank you Beloved for the gleeful moment through this miracle
this gorgeous storytelling
orographical oral tradition
the great range’s voice
rising up from the Ganges
to that meditation plateau…

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

in a single breath we become the Himalayas
we were already the Sun
collective spacetime
bridging the ephemeral with the eternal in one single breath
what a geological audacity!
to be now a walking mountain
a walking star
with a forehead blessed
by kisses and tears

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

the sublimation of divine rocks
becoming notes in cloud shape
heavenly music
i recognize in this beating heart
rise and fall
the invisible score for the spirit
it’s all written there
dissolving the sense of lack
with each drop of harmony
i recognize that completeness
without which my life would be forever fragmented
the thinking has evaporated
by this colosal beauty
to experience the universal current of life directly
helpless by my own sweat
as a single instrument
to make this orchestra of Great Love happen

revealing life before and after consciousness
revealing consciousness before and after life
an insur-mount-able bridge
insight as a still sunray
pierces the clouds of thoughts
to reach the valleys pregnant
with wide fields of possibilities and openness
with moments of clarity and delight

loving our shadows
without letting them rule our relationships
how could this solitude and cold
could feel so full and alive
so deprived from loneliness and anguish?
why the dark places of mountains
don’t seemed to be filled with terrifying horror
but with curiosity of their depths
a soul-iridescence of this mineral sculpture?

yet still is an intoxicating recognition
that comes and goes
so please smile at the despair
with everlasting arms … everlasting breath … everlasting prayer
transcending thought and emotion
by fully experiencing them
by leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability
teaching us to live with joy and gratitude
to be more present and more loving with them
i love life and life is love
persuaded by this
10-million-year-unfinished poetry

The mountains as peak-musical noteheads,
guided by an invisible stave,
in an impossibly playful symphony of
gravity, pressure, temperature, density, storms, wind, sunlight and starslight,
improvised orographic movements
as a song with millionfold impassioned timing…
seeing these giants for the first time in 50 years…
the pollution gone
wish you can see things you never seen before
they were there
but hidden by incessant madness of moving unskillfully
missing the incredible power of in-action
blessed akarma
the shh between notes
the silence from which all sounds come
the silence between all sounds
that mades this musical, this music-ALL possibility

10-million-year-unfinished poetry

diversity as the key
for nature’s resilience
for shame resilience
and wellspring of beauty
nature is grace…
and grace is nature
can’t be separate… unseparateble
and Love is the nature of the Multiverse.

universes born, galaxies born, stars born, planets born, mountains born, humans born…
this rocky fluid liminal wonder
is the antidote for
ancestral oblivion
our absence is presence

not to know an apparent object as ‘an object’
is the experience of beauty
not to know an apparent other as ‘an other’
is the experience of love
become the voice of pure emptiness
from being into nothingness…
emanating equanimity
be an eternal focused student
exploring the infinite sensory experience
elevating fulfillment and satisfaction in every moment
nowhere to go, nowhere to look
an inner astronaut
amazed by the innercosm
a familiar memory
of wonder-drenched life
the kosmos raining energy
watering spirit and matter
this inconclusive rapture
edges of our own wonder
ripples out in widening circles of radiance
all over the different currents and luminous waves
of the ocean of our lives
stunned, puzzled and edified into awe
as we participate in and
orchestrate our own becoming
transformative, uplifting and hair raising

10-million-year-unfinished poetry
that doesn’t need an end
ever becoming with utmost intimacy
vast and boundless in all directions
in true contemplative solitude
embracing everything
open to all in all
it lives in the place of the placeless
the path of the pathless
no way as the way
this isness of being
this everlasting love
still gets stuck in duality
but this insurmountable devotion
lives strong
is essential yet never imposing itself
for constipated love is no love
don’t live a tasteless life
unwrap from the straightjacket of normalcy
a sick society is not normal
and let’s meet in that verse
where we all are ONE
behind the Himalayan curtains
recognize the Milky Way-rise in the body
felt in a lover’s touch

she is the love of your life
enlivened by sunlight and feeling connected
be not just aware in this moment
when it flashes forth
am not just aware of these 10 million years
of transformation by divinized ordinariness
yes, be eternally aware…
Now a deep loveprint has been left in the heartmind
so that whenever i forget about it
there’s a longing to abide in it
an impetus of the path
to learn to live in fidelity with it
in heighten awareness
as that during the enchantments of starry nights
powerless by my own efforts to make it happen

standing still in the beauty of this timeless silence
the human landscape merged with the heart of the mountains
a natural welcoming openness
in between the tick-tock of a kosmic clock
a majestic inner and outer unified pause
that resumes 10 million years of unfinished poetry
creative freshness of a new relaxed flow
everything points in different ways to our wholeness
and all belong to this fullness
an absolute completeness
by the pure living poem of love…

Encuentro Himalayo (un baño de poesía en español, audio 29 min)

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

enamorándose perdidamente
del alma exuberante de la Tierra
amor a primera vista
lo sagrado brilla
desde el corazón desnudo de lo que es
para alinearnos con nuestra oración más profunda
una excursión mística
para seguir la vereda interestelar que va apareciendo…
los cuerpos son alimentados y los espíritus nutridos
por el sentido de pertenecer
una de las comidas más esenciales
eso fue lo que dijeron las montañas encantadoras:
nos pertenecemos lxs unxs a lxs otrxs
una perfección tal que evoca
el suave misterioso abrazo de la Bienamda
para satisfacer nuestro potencial y para ser reales
lo que nos hace a nosotrxs nosotrxs

remonta el vuelo en el santuario numinoso
adornado con nubes de algodón
hechas del aliento cálido
de la gracia que jadea
y de la conexión flotante
la magia y el desastre de estar en relación
fundiéndose en este mismo Amor Humantaño

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

la libertad latente del espíritu
envuelta en la crisálida de roca
y luz oscura
las desconocidas y fluidas cadenas montañosas del alma humana
desafiando capas de gravedad y desesperanza
así como el corazón mariposeante roto y abierto
espera para revolotear
dando vueltas y vueltas en este jardín kósmico
con sus alas galácticas
pero sin encontrar donde posarse…

hasta que rendido, sus vuelos internos incandescentes
avivan las cumbres y cimas como pétalos
de este momento Himalayo polinizado
se convierte en un amor estelar desenfrenado
carne y hueso y sangre y plasma y roca… unidos
en una desaparición de identidades
creada por una acentuada simplicidad
de la unidad que siempre está ocurriendo
y por la terrible bendición
de estos límites de la muerte y de la vida
llenos con nada
más que el aroma ordinario de la belleza
y el calor, y el color de la liberación…

encendiendo un anhelo sinigual
para servir
para desaprender el daño
para desaprender el desdén
como si fuese un regalo intergeneracional
si, es liberación
de la ilusión de la separación
que elude cualquier formulación
como el vocabulario de la virtud…
virtudes como herramientas para el arte de vivir:
la ciencia del amor, absoluta y quemante compasión,
el perdón perene, la reverencia por todas mis relaciones,
el humor que desarma y la risa concienzuda,
la victoria verdadera de la humildad,
preguntar cosas más profundas, el juego divino, asombrearnos…
porque nombrar ceremonialmente
trae un poquito la esencia
de las cosas al ser

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

¿María, sabías que cuando estas costas se conocieron
hace 10 millones de años
como montañitas bebés Jesús
iban a crear
un refugio para místicxs, inspiración para profetas
un santuario para poetas
un altar de gente no importante llena de agradecimiento y alegría…
que iban a ser los lugares más cercanos
para tocar las estrellas aún sintiendo la tierra
y tormentas erosionando ferozmente la necesidad de tener certeza
y vientos peinando gentilmente las sierras de nuestra voz intuitiva?

subidas y bajadas sinuosas del consentimiento
porque no hemos hablado con nuestra intuición por eones
pero el corazón roto
está acostumbrado en anhelar belleza
porque lo que rompió este órgano hueco
es también lo que nos conecta
lo que hace al amor amor.

las raíces de las montañas aspirando al cielo
y que nunca pueden ser completamente arrancadas
de tierra sagrada
están escuchando con una atención total
como un rezo
creando espacio para la incetidumbre
y sus principios
y es así cómo he sido conmovido
tocado a la distancio por estos diarios minerales en capas
por el valor de creer en lo que no se ve
por la fuerza de la confianza
y todo se convierte en una ceremonia
todo se torna en una hospitalidad sagrada

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

me preparé para este encuentro
porque llegamos al Amor Universal
no siendo bueno, sino haciendo errores
sediento de asombro
apartándome de la trampa del perfeccionismo falso
y hacia el Camino Pequeño
ya sabía que me iba a sacudir las entrañas
pero ¿cuánto?
nuestros corazones sin límites pueden sostener
una rendición espiritualmente desnuda
una entrega radical
que deja el alma descubierta, enamorada
en los brazos sin forma de la Bienamada
tan llenos de ternura
la gracia sin fronteras
y la verdad
del Amor Bendito susurran…
siempre convirtiéndose en

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

Encuentros con lo sagrado
radiando desde el centro
momentos Monte Everest perfectamente ordinarios
¿no nos derretimos en lo que amamos?
un vistazo a la cara de lo Divino
entrenadxs para ver a través de los ojos del amor
este es nuestro derecho desde que nacimos
una paradoja gravitacional que cede
ante los labios de nuestrx amante como arroyos
que nos dejan con el alma en llamas…

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

luz dorada del Sol reluciente que cruza
las olas de cordilleras nevadas
como mil soles radiantes
deslumbrándonos, asombreándonos
como la primera vez que oimos
el sonido de nuestras estrellas fugaces internas
fffttthh ….. ffffftttthhhh ….. fffffffftttthhhh…..
quémandose en la atmósfera del alma
invitándonos a seguir
para descubrir nuestra completez escondida

un movimiento y espíritu
que se pueden trazar para atrás
atravesando millones de años
a lo largo de versos Cenozóicos

estoy locamente enamorado
del éxtasis y misterio de la Bienamada
de este dolor como un portal hacia la gracia

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

si la conciencia es universal
el kosmos es tu cuerpo
estas montañas en las que fluyo
lágrimas fluyendo a través de mi como glaciares
de esta poesía de 10 millones sin terminar
la percepción es íntima
pero no privada
este cuerpo montañés
es sólo parte del cuerpo del universo
expandiéndose en sierras de totalidad
contrayéndose en una quietud inmensa y profunda
de una inesperada
felicidad absoluta
belleza absoluta
amor absoluto
entendimiento absoluto
humor absoluto…
todas juntas cualidades divinizadas
dentro del espectro de la realidad
todo incomparable, no hay relativo, todo es único
porque hay una satisfacción plena del corazón

¡Dile que sí a lo que sea que emerja!
pueden ser 10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar
o puede que me arrastren a lo largo de un suelo de vidrio roto punzante
o puede ser una tempestad de cordilleras afiladas
o puede ser la montaña más alta del lamento
pararse al borde del dolor
mirando el precipicio de la traición
sintiendo como escurre la sangre de las cortadas en la espalda
y esa sensación visceral en el estómago
antes y aún peor durante la caída libre
una boqueada transmutada en lo sagrado
transfigurada en una fusion radiante
de pronto convertiéndose en la cascada
convirtiéndose en su velocidad terminal y su brisa que se disuelve
y su belleza flotante
penetrando el corazón completo y su campo de unidad
de esta fragilidad bendecida y profunda
poder saber que aún en la falta de claridad más insidiosa y abyecta
y en los momentos de dolor más atroces
y en medio de la pérdida total
ahí la práctica es aprender a descansar
y ser inexplicablemente sostenido
no solo, en comunidad
en el regazo de la Bienamada

¡Dile que sí a lo que sea que emerja!
a los 10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar
a las arrugas de la epidermis continental regenerada
y al éxtasis de la nada sin límites
al abismo radiante
y observa de reojo
abiertx a la posibilidad
el panorama de los Himalayas internos
una revelación en donde de repente veo mi ceguera
cuando sólo momentos antes no lo hacía
es una experiencia sublime
un crudo y repentino aumento de expansión transparente
los regalos de abrazar la imperfección
y cómo se siente tener un corazón sin piel

el suelo 1 milímetro más alto que el año anterior
creciendo en tierra y alma
has de cuenta que somos la montaña
no, no…
¡SOMOS la montaña!
corteza redentora sin prisas
energizada por un manto de verdad subyacente
una arruga en la tela de la tierra y del espacio-tiempo
una ropa planetaria levantándose con ningún propósito
más que el jugar de verdad
y ser cocido por el hilo de la impermanencia
con la aguja de la gracia
con las puntadas perfectamente invisibles
de la alegría y del amor
un velo delgado, sagrado, permeable
los juegos
donde el agua, el aire y la luz se fusionan en colores
las luces divinas que me encuentro en el camino
y que se parecen a todas las creaturas
grandes y pequeñas

las flores silvestres miran el amanecer
estos ojos multicolor
no pueden resistir el flujo de miles de lágrimas
y se unen a los pastos y sus ojos verdes
que se postran en reverencia a la tierra
con el peso de cada lágrima

soy los Himalayas y también estoy llorando
un grupo de montañas en forma de ave mueve sus alas
en cámara lenta
su aliento entra por mi respiración y pupilas
e inunda todo mi ser
derritiendo los glaciares intactos del corazón

¿no nos derretimos en lo que amamos?
encuentros con lo sagrado
radiando desde el centro
momentos Monte Everest perfectamente ordinarios
un vistazo a la cara de lo Divino
entrenadxs para ver a través de los ojos del amor
este es nuestro derecho desde que nacimos

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

la plenitud extraordinaria de las aguas vivientes del amor
manifestándose en todas sus formas
el próximo encuentro de las nubes grises
frescura de siempre de los manantiales cristalinos
gentil tacto de la brisa
la pasión condensada del rocío de la mañana
el brillo y claridad de la nieve blanca
la fuerza y potencial del hielo
el deambular y curiosidad de los ríos
la aceptación y total reconocimiento de las lágrimas
la metta-morfosis milagrosa creada por la vida de los mamíferos
y todo lo que está en medio
el caer de unas lluvias torrenciales del vacío
en la tierra del ser…

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

estas costillas espectaculares se mueven
con el inhalar y exhalar de la Tierra
entonadas con el ritmo galáctico
vistas, oídas y sentidas como un momento
en esta cámara rápida kósmica

mareas altas de rocas
ahora atraídas por la luna de este corazón…
¿o es que cuando unx está enamoradx
no puedes decir quién atrae a quién
en este amor que no se puede conocer y que nunca morirá?

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

esta belleza majestuosa inconcevible
te hace enamorar de la Tierra
en latidos sincronizados
en latidos simbióticos
parándome quieto, mirando hacia arriba
arqueando el cuello para atrás
en un asombro que me arrebata el aliento
esperando ser jalado
del pecho a las estrellas…

un elevador espiritual

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

nieve derretida convirtiéndose en arroyo
convirtiéndose en río
convirtiéndose el árbol, la flor, la abeja, el pájaro, la serpiente, el leopardo, el humano
convirtiéndose en la tierra
convirtiéndose en la nube
convirtiéndose en la nieve de nuevo
la geografía fluída del pertenecer
mapeando su propio significado

después de haberle dado un traguito a la paz prístina
y a la refrescante grandeza del los Himalayas
hay un glaciar antiguo
que también se está derritiendo en mí
que está comunicando algo
el tipo de discursos silenciosos
que sólo las estrellas evocan
esos ecos de presencia extraños
un kirtan del amor de la Tierra
una llamada y respuesta
cantando los nombres de lo Divino
rebotando en estas paredes majestuosas
de estas montañas
de este pecho
un silencio armonioso que se escucha fuerte

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

un romance kósmico de 13,700 millones de años
que se convirtió en una oportunidad galáctica de 5,000 millones de años
transformada en una danza Sol-Tierra-Luna-Vida de 3,800 millones de años
en una corriente continental de 10 millones de años como un paso sencillo
con la rotación del planeta y su interior viscoso
una coreografía litosférica…
o un soneto litosférico compuesto por versos tectónicos
este poema es como la creación de una montaña sublime
triunfos pasmosos de rima orografica

este espacio-tiempo
es el tambor de mi piel
golpeado por mi corazón
y por el aliento y por los huesos
esperando entre los latidos de la Tierra
dos costas encontrándose inextricablemente
dando luz a miles de glaciares
océanos convirtiéndose en agua dulce
ríos perennes que vienen de aguas saladas
y líneas de nieve permanentes
después de 10 millones de latidos
y luego el Everest
un milagro de piedra caliza marina
postrándose ahora hacia el mar de estrellas
la placa tectónica del alma humana
activa geológicamente en asombro
se fusiona con esta magia
para explorar estos misterios divinos
de aparecer y desaparecer
en el secreto del rostro del Amor Universal
somos la Tierra que sale
del horizonte kósmico
una canción de creación integrada
creciendo en esplendor 1 milímetro por año
creciendo con humildad una sonrisa a la vez

una sonrisa que no se puede localizar en el tiempo
eterna, siempre presente
un sonreir que no se puede encontrar en el espacio
improvisado para
lo verdadero, lo bueno y lo hermoso
una sonrisa kósmica que se puede encontrar en todes les niñes
en sus risitas, en sus carcajadas contagiosas,
su bailar desinhibido
y lo que uno ama en la niñez
se queda en la corazonmente para siempre
para molerla
es memoria planetaria

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

unidad conocida representada en su mejor forma
en todos lados
incluyendo el lamento, el duelo, la pérdida y la muerte
para ser reverenciado como un paisaje sagrado
un paisaje de sonidos
un paisaje de olores
un paisaje de sonrisas…

gracias Amada por el momento lleno de alegría a través de este milagro
esta espléndida narración del cuento
de tradición oral orográfica
la voz de la gran cadena
levantándose desde el Ganges
hasta la mezeta de meditación…

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

en una sóla respiración nos convertimos en les Himalayas
porque ya éramos el Sol
espacio-tiempo colectivo
sirviendo como puente de lo efímero con lo eterno en un solo respiro
¡que audacia geológica!
ser una montaña caminante ahora
una estrella caminante
con la frente bendecida
de besos y lágrimas

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

la sublimación de rocas divinas
que se convierten en notas en forma de nube
música angelical
la reconozco en el latir de este corazón
surge y se desvanece
la partitura invisible para el espíritu
todo está escrito ahí
disolviendo el sentimiento de hacer falta
con cada gota de armonía
reconozco lo completo, esa totalidad absoluta
sin la cual mi vida estaría por siempre fragmentada
el pensar se ha evaporado
por esta belleza colosal
para sentir la corriente universal de la vida directamente
incapaz de que mi propio sudor
como un sólo instrumento
pueda manifestar esta orquesta de Gran Amor

revelando la vida antes y después de la conciencia
revelando la conciencia antes y después de la vida
un puente insuperable
comprensión como un rayo de luz quieto
perfora las nubes de pensamientos
para llegar a los valles
embarazado de amplios campos de posibilidades y de aperturas
de momentos de claridad y deleite

amando a nuestras sombras
sin dejarlas que gobiernen nuestras relaciones
¿cómo es posible que esta soledad y frío
se sientan tan llenes y vives
tan privades de aislamiento y angustia?
¿por qué los lugares oscuros de las montañas
no parecen estar llenos con horror petrificado
sino con curiosidad por sus profundidades
una iridiscencia del alma de esta escultura mineral?

y aún así es un reconocimiento intoxicante
que viene y se va
así que por favor sonríele a la desesperación
con brazos siempre presentes… con aliento contínuo… con oración siempreviva
trascendiendo el pensamiento y la emoción
al vivirlos por completo
al inclinarse hacia la incomodidad de la vulnerabilidad
que nos enseña a vivir con alegría y agradecimiento
para estar más presentes y ser más amorosxs con elles
amo la vida y la vida es amor
persuadido por esta
poesía de 10 millones de años sin terminar

Las montañas como cabezas de notas musicales en picos
guiadas por un pentagrama invisible
en una sinfonía imposiblemente juguetona de
gravedad, presión, temperatura, densidad, tormentas, viento, sol y luz de estrellas,
movimientos orográficos improvisados
como una canción con un ritmo apasionado millonplicado…
ver estos gigantes por primera vez en 50 años…
la contaminación se ha ido
ojalá pudieras ver cosas que nunca has visto antes
ahí estaban
pero escondidas por la incesante locura de moverse sin cuidado
perdiéndose el poder increible de la no-acción
bendita akarma
el shh entre las notas
el silencio del cual todos los sonidos nacen
el silencio entre todos los sonidos
que crea este musical, esta posibilidad musical

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar

la diversidad como la clave
para la recuperación de la naturaleza
y la fuente de belleza
la naturaleza es gracia…
y la gracia es la naturaleza
no se pueden separar… inseparables
y el Amor es la naturaleza del Multiverso.

nacen universos, nacen galaxias, nacen estrellas, nacen planetas, nacen montañas, nacen humanos…
este asombro liminal fluido y pedregoso
es el antídoto para
el olvido ancestral
nuestra ausencia es presencia

no concebir un objeto aparente como “objeto”
es vivir la experiencia de la belleza
no concebir al otro aparente como “otro”
es vivir la experiencia del amor
conviértete en la voz del vacío puro
al estar en la nada…
emanando ecuanimidad
se un eterne estudiante concentrade
explorando la experiencia sensorial infinita
elevando la satisfacción y realización en cada momento
no hay lugar a donde ir, no hay lugar a donde mirar
el astronauta interno
pasmado por el cosmos interior
un recuerdo familiar
de vida empapada de asombro
el kosmos lloviendo energía
regando al espíritu y la materia
este embeleso inconcluyente
las aristas de nuestro propio maravillamiento
viajan en ondas hacia afuera expandiéndose en círculos de resplandor
por todas las corrientes diferentes y olas luminosas
del océano de nuestras vidas
impresionades, atónites y edificades en asombro
conforme participamos en
y orquestramos nuestro propio devenir
transformativo, que eriza el cabello y levanta el espíritu

10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar
que no necesita un fin
continuamente surgiendo con suma intimidad
vasta y sin límites en todas direcciones
en verdadera soledad contemplativa
abrazando todo
abierto a todo en todo
vive en el lugar del sin-lugar
el camino sin-camino
sin manera como la manera
lo que es del ser
este amor siemprevivo
todavía se atora en la dualidad
pero esta devoción infranqueable
vive fuerte
es esencial por eso nunca se impone a sí misma
porque el amor estreñido no es amor
no vivas una vida insípida
desenrédate de la camisa de fuerza de la normalidad
una sociedad enferma no es normal
y juntémonos en ese verso
donde todes somos UNO
detrás de las cortinas Himalayas
reconoce la Vía Láctea saliendo en el cuerpo
sentido en el tacto de un amante

ella es el amor de tu vida
animade por la luz del sol y el sentirse conectades
no sólo estés consciente de este momento
cuando se flashea hacia adelante
no estoy sólo consciente de estos 10 millones de años
de transformación por mundaniad divinizada
si, estate eternamente consciente…
Ahora una profunda huella de amor ha sido dejada en la corazonmente
para que cuando se me olvide
ahí va a haber un anhelo para morar en él
un ímpetu por el camino
para aprender a vivir fielmente con él
con una consciencia exaltada
como la que emerge durante los encantamientos de noches estrelladas
sin poder hacer nada con mis propios medios para que suceda

de pie, en quietud, la belleza de este silencio eterno
el paisaje humano se fusiona con el corazón de las montañas
una apertura natural bienrecibida
entre el tic-tac de un reloj kósmico
una majestuosa pausa interna y externa, unida
que reanuda 10 millones de años de poesía sin terminar
una frescura creativa de un flujo relajado y nuevo
todo apunta en diferentes formas hacia nuestra completez
y todo pertenece a esta plenitud
una totalidad absoluta
del puro poema viviente del amor…


Adiós y Bienvenido Borreguito

¿quién es quien agoniza?
¿son los perros hambrientos
o tu vientre abierto a los vientos
o es mi corazón sediento
de contar tu último aliento
no queriendo lastimar
para al final decir lo siento?

Sé que ya viene tu último respiro
la luz de tus ojos miro
tu cuerpo y mi espíritu en convulsiones
se apagan tus luceros de canciones
poco a poco, ya no hay alba mía
se nos escapa tu vida entre mis manos
frío que estremece el alma y no trae el día
si aquí y ahora, no nos amamos

la huella de amor se ve y siente
en tu lana todavía caliente
el único regalo es estar presente
honrando los contrastes de la realidad
el instinto de hambre y su brutalidad
donde menos lo esperaba el rostro de lo Divino
bendiciendo este camino
la belleza de la vida
la inocencia ya perdida
dolor intenso sin salida

y aunque eres sólo una hoja en el Amazonas de este amor
una chispa de sal que se apaga y disuelve en el océano del kosmos
fluyen lágrimas del cielo que no olvida
diciendo que impermanencia somos
celebrando esta gota de vida
este breve latir de un río
un silencio antiguo
que le reconozco y sonrío

el olor punzante de tus vísceras
es un recordatorio para vivir a flor de piel
la muerte del polen, Dulzura Divina, se vuelve miel
con este amor que no me explico
de maneras ligeras
y formas sinceras
y al Universo le suplico
pare tu sufrimiento y te envuelva en su sueño de paz

y parece que me escucha el sagrado oido
porque ya no hay más latido
te acogió para que huelas a su regazo
diciendo: “borrego tierno aquí te abrazo”
para aullar de amor a la nueva luna
sabiendo que nuestras vidas son una

y así, con la música del viento
las nubes y su lamento
una cálida bienvenida profesa,
al útero de la Tierra vas de regreso
porque al final tod@s somos presa
del Gran Silencio y su eterno beso…


About pancho

To live in radical joyous shared servanthood to unify the Earth family.
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4 Responses to Poetry is the Science of the Soul

  1. Victor Ramos Plascencia says:

    I found your last poem (“Whose Heart?”) very nice, very nice indeed, beloved Pancho.
    I enjoyed especially concepts you inspire like:
    “Emancipated borders”
    “Holding hands to say what is not said”
    “shining eyes encountered to read what is not written”
    “As you walk on the shores of the mind”

    Your dad

  2. CFMOM says:

    Thanks for writing Pancho.

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